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The channelling, blending and formulation of the archangel aromatherapy range is a divine offering. It is my privilege and with a grateful heart that I offer you this divine, energetic, organic and vibrational medicine to heal and raise the vibration that brings your angels closer to you for support and guidance.- Rachael White

Archangel Aromatherapy is vibrational medicine—a daily prescription for healing and a pathway to higher states of consciousness.

Each Archangels has a signature fragrance. You can experience this by using Natural Perfume- Eau de Parfum, Perfume Body Oils, Aura Room Mists and Essential Oil concentrates.

Each Archangel has a main area of support for emotional, spiritual, life issues and concerns.

The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions enable us to develop a spiritual relationship with angels, to support our own healing, to manifest our deepest desires and awaken our spirituality.

Daily use of Archangel Aromatherapy, supports a daily practice, and rituals supporting you to activate, develop and maintain a high vibration to receive daily guidance, support and healing from angels.

Archangel Aromatherapy
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