Rachael White, Spiritual Coach, Angel Intuitive Therapist and Founder of Soulscented Apothecary, Perfumery, Coaching & Spiritual Healing College

Spiritual Coach

Hi, my name is Rachael White.

Its divine timing that you are here in this moment reading about me. I am so happy you found me.

I am a Spiritual Coach, Angel Intuitive Therapist,Author, Perfumer, Positive Psychologist & Aromatherapy practitioner & Spiritual Teacher.

You can read more about me at About Rachael White

Many years ago my family experienced health challenges and it was during this time I had an spiritual experience whereby my grandmother and the angels came to me.

It was a spiritual experience that changed my life forever.

Fast forward almost two decades and I have been working as a Spiritual Coach with clients across the globe.

Find out more about Spiritual Coaching with me and how I can support you.



“Thank you so much, what you have done has changed my life forever in such a positive way. You have an amazing gift, and you use it with so much LOVE, I feel so honoured to have been able to experience this with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Thank you so much for your coaching support. I can’t tell you how encouraging and clarifying your support and advice has been during this transformative time.”