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Aroma Diffuser for Essential Oils

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Meet our newest addition to the Aroma Diffuser Range.

This stylish black slim line, lightweight elegant aroma diffuser is a wonderful accessary for your Archangel Aromatherapy Essential Oil blends.

Its stylist design will suit any space. It releases a gently flowing mist of essential oils into your space. As you move around the space you inhale the essential oils and take them deeply into the body to heal and raise vibration of not only you but your space.

It's made out of highly durable light weight plastic which makes it portable for travel or just relocating around the home. This allows you to diffuse your Archangel Aromatherapy into your home, office or hotel room when you travel.

There are many features on this lovely little aroma diffuser.

But what I love about it the most is that its run off USB only so no power cord is included so you can use your phone or computer charger. USB is standard across the world so anyone can purchase it and use it in your own countries.

(You must have the USB cable plugged into power for it to work)


1. COLOUR OPTIONS: 7 different colours. You can press the button and set the diffuser to your colour of choice.

2. MIST OPTIONS: It has two mist mode options: 1. Continuous Mist or 2. Intermittent. It will go in 30 sec and stop 30 sec, and then keep the cycle going.

3.AUTOMATIC SHUTT OFF: When you have no water left in the water tank your diffuser will stop.

4. QUIET ATOMISATION: It is a very quiet unit so wont disturb while you are sleeping and relaxing.

5. UBS CABLE: Portable to be used with a usb charger. 

6. COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Size 116*116*129mm


1. Lift off the top, fill the tank to the Max Line as shown on the inside tank.

2. Add your favourite essential oil (4 drops) into the water.

3. Press the power button, choose your mist, colour and enjoy.

NOTE: Only use natural essential oils with this Aroma Diffuser. Please don't fill water beyond the max line. After using 5-6 times please clean tank of residual oil using a cloth with rubbing alcohol is best otherwise just wipe clean and dry and wash out before reuse.

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