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No.7 Intuition By Archangel Uriel 

Clear thinking, problem solving and intellectual assistance. Enhance your intuition, ideas, epiphanies and insights to aid all aspects of your life.

Archangel Uriel is the archangel of intuition who helps you to enhance your intuition, ideas, epiphanies, and insights to aid all aspects of your life. Intuition is the language of the soul, which can be tuned into and enhanced so we trust our feelings and messages to live a spiritually guided life. He supports you to be clear thinking and to excel in problem solving, and provides intellectual assistance. He is the best archangel to call on for all aspects of work and business development.

Benefits: Invoke Archangels. Deeply penetrating for cellular & energetic healing.

Ingredients: Certified organic therapeutic grade essential oils, Rose, Cypress, Pettigrain, Neroli & Cold pressed olive oil + Archangel Uriel love vibration.

Chakra: Third Eye

The entire range is encased in violet glass as used by the Egyptians in ancient times to preserve the bio-energetic oils from light, deterioration. This unique technology offers optimal protection against the ageing process, lengthening the durability and potency of essential oils and increasing their shelf life. 

Not tested on animal, No GMO, No emulsifiers, artificial colourings, fragrances, synthetic additive Eco friendly, recyclable packaging.

Intuition By Archangel Uriel
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