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May divine light shine on your soul and illuminate your path.  


As an Angel Healing Coach, I intend to connect with the Archangels to guide you on living in harmony with your soul's purpose, trusting the power of your intuition and manifesting all that you desire.

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Your life has meaning and purpose.

You are here to create and evolve, not just exist and settle.

You are more than your mind and body. 

You are also a spiritual soul that can use energy and intuition in a way that allows you to harness the power of your higher self, your Soul.

The Soul is your higher self, your true, authentic self. It is the essence of who you are—the best possible version of yourself it is a positive force of creation, the inner sanctum of peace, energy, and spirituality through which you and all human beings channel divine guidance using intuition.

Many years ago, I tried everything when my family needed support and healing. I was in a spiral of hopelessness and despair; I called out to the heavens and had the most extraordinary life-changing experience with the angels.

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What is Angel Healing Coaching? 

Angel Healing Coaching is a holistic approach whereby it takes in the mind, body and spirit to support the soul to achieve and maintain a high vibration, so it draws to you opportunities to flourish.

The design of Angel Healing Coaching is what makes it different from Life Coaching sessions. As an Angel Healing Coach, I call in spiritual guidance from the angelic realm to provide insight, guidance and support.

Angel Healing Coaching is grounded in positive psychology, psychic-spiritual approaches, energy management, ritual and archangel aromatherapy perfumes as medicine supporting the process of healing and transformation.

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How do we work together?

Angel Healing Coaching supports a conscious connection to your soul in creating a vision for your life and setting goals and intentions to co-create manifest abundance for all you truly desire.

During our Angel Healing Coaching sessions together with the angels, we will:

  • Explore opportunities
  • Create and set goals
  • Set direction
  • Make and monitor your plan.

This supports you in achieving your goals and moving forward with fearless action.

At times during our lives, we forget how powerful we are and need support to go after all we desire.

In my Angel Healing Coaching sessions, I support you in accessing and maintaining very high vibrational energy, trusting your intuition, and enhancing self-confidence and motivation.

You will also develop a close connection and relationship with the Archangels as we call on them for loving guidance and support during all our Angel Healing Coaching sessions and to support you on the pathway to achieving your goals.

We are also actively using the Archangel Aromatherapy, along with which I use powerful Rituals to support you to access the power to co-create with the divine intervention of the angels, manifest your goals and create a life you truly desire. 

You are lovingly powerful with the ability to manifest blessings into your life.

Is Angel Healing Coaching for me?

It is for anyone who feels ready to step into your life and go after your goals and achieve them using the divine intervention and guidance of the Archangels and me. You must be open and willing to receive and follow the guidance of the angels, make changes, work hard, plan and take action. Angel Healing Coaching is a partnership with Rachael, the angels and yourself to accelerate your life direction. You are not a passenger you are 

Archangel Aromatherapy Prescriptions for Sessions?

When you book an Angel Healing Coaching Package, you will receive a 30ml Archangel Angel Aromatherapy Perfume inclusive of postage + 10% off all Archangel Aromatherapy for life. 


Rachael White Angel Healing Therapist + Coach
Rachael White is an Angel Healing Therapist + Coach, Author, Teacher, Master Clinical Aromatherapist, Holistic Herbal Therapist, Natural Perfumer with post graduate specialisations in Positive Psychology , Wellness and Wellness Coaching. Rachael has been in private practice as a therapist for almost two decades working with clients worldwide.