Happy Full Moon Friday 13th .....

Happy Full Moon Friday everyone! Can you feel the power of the moons energy today. Since ancient times the moons powerful energy has been harnessed by human beings. The moon is so divine and shines it light into the hearts and souls of everyone encouraging us to harness its energy. Don't forget to also call on Archangel Haniel the moon Archangel for extra help. At 2.12 Sydney time the moon will be full. To check the exact time of the full moon in your state please visit www.timeanddate.com .Now if you are working at 2.12pm don't worry. The full moon energy is still very potent four to eight hours after the exact time the full moon begins. Its also a really good time to clean up your space, clear out clutter, clear you wardrobe out, donate your toys and clothes to a charity. Its all about out with the old so we can manifest in the new. Have a wonderful clearing under the full moon. You can do it on your own or get the whole family involved. I have attached the ritual video. Happy Full Moon. Rxx


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