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White Sage Smudge Stick

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White Sage Smudge Stick for Clearing Energy

Since ancient times the burning of herbs and aromatics for fumigation purification and protection rituals is an ancient ritual as protection against person sickened from the evil eye, sorcery & to ward of evil spirits.

The sacred smoke of sage has been traditionally used by Native North and South American cultures to cleanse and clear away negative energy. Native Americans have preserved the ancient practice of burning aromatic plants to product a purifying smoke which they call “Smudging”.

This a powerful clearing tool which supports blessing and clearing energy in your your home, office or anywhere you feel the energy needs cleaning and cleansing.

White Sage is a wonderful accompaniment to the Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions for cleansing and blessing rituals. 

At SOULSCENTED we source organic white sage and infuse with certified organic lavender.

Best times for home blessing and smudging:

Beginning of a New Year

Full Moon

New Moon- Manifesting

Moving into a new home

Starting a new relationship

The best time to do a Home Cleansing is:

The New Moon and Full Moon

Job hunting

Death in a home or space.

After an argument or any negative situation that has occurred in the home.

Negative people living or staying in your space

Releasing negative energy and entities

Selling or buying a new home


How to use

Step 1. You ignite the end of the sage stick and blow gently on the end to create embers. This releases a steady flow of smoke. Move around your home making sure you go into the corners of each room. (Energy, entities, and ghosts get caught in corners).

Step 2: Use a plate or a bowl filled with salt or sand to carry with the smudge stick to catch any ashes that may fall while carrying the sage throughout the home.

Step 3: Sage your home, sage your computer, phone, TV, furniture, and business. Move into all the rooms in your home and business and anywhere that negative energy may have come in. Go right into all the corners of each room.

Tip- Do not leave a burning smudge stick unattended. In addition, be sure to extinguish it properly in a bowl of salt or sand when done with smudging.

Step 4: Be sure to open a window to help the smoke evaporate properly so your home won’t be overwhelmed with smoke and set off the fire alarm. Most smudge sticks don’t put out enough smoke to do that, but it’s a good thing to do just to be on safe side.

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