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Meditation Ritual Kit

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Meditation is a daily practice and a beautiful way to give yourself time to be with the stillness of your soul. With meditation you switch off from the outside distractions and connect in with loving guidance and support.

Five minutes a day is all you need.

Committing to meditation ritual will bring loving support and guidance for living a spiritually guided life.

The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions elevate you and make a high-vibration channel, which makes tuning into your archangels by mediation enhanced as you create a high vibrational aromatic bridge that elevates you accelerating your connection. The aroma also cleanses the space into which the essential oil are diffused ensuring you are protected, shielded and the space is high vibrational.

The Meditation Ritual is a combination of archangel aromatherapy prescriptions to support you with your meditation practice along with the I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy book which outlines the step by step process for performing the Meditation Ritual. You purchase the Meditation Ritual as a kit. If you already have my book you can purchase.

What is in the Meditation Ritual Kit?

1. I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy book.

1 x Copy of book which outlines the Meditation ritual step by step.

2. Archangel Aromatherapy Prescriptions

Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions used to perform the Meditation ritual:

1 x No.13 Meditation by Archangel Sandalphon =5ml Natural Concentrate Essential Oil (diffuser & bath)

1 x No.13 Meditation by Archangel Sandalphon=30ml Pure & Organic Natural Perfume Body Oil

*This ritual also requires the use of an aroma diffuser for the 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil. Feel free to use your own diffuser or we have a selection of diffusers right here in our Apothecary. 

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