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Esoteric Wisdom Perfume Oil by Archangel Raziel 30ml

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Esoteric Wisdom Perfume Oil designed by Archangel Raziel -Small 30ml


Archangel Raziel-Esoteric Wisdom Raziel is a wise soul and an all-knowing and teaching archangel of esoteric wisdom. I liken him to Gandolf in Lord of the Rings.

He is the overseer of the Akashic records where each soul’s past, present, and future is recorded, and he supports you to review past lives for healing to release blocks, phobias, and fears and bring forth your talents for the continued evolution of the soul. He assists in unlocking our innate clairvoyance and spiritual development to awaken to our spiritual gifts as we work consciously to live a spiritually guided life. He is a wise consult for spiritual development. Archangel Aromatherapy Perfume Prescription

No.11 Esoteric Wisdom by Archangel Raziel

Is Archangel Raziel's signature scent. Apply to the body whenever you feel you need healing and deeply inhale. When you are feeling emotional and you need to call on your Archangel Raziel you can apply the oil, and within twenty minutes it will have entered all the cells in the body, bringing emotional relief and invocation of your desired archangel.

Each Archangel specialises in certain areas of support. For Archangel Raziel they are;

Main areas of assistance:Esoteric wisdom, spirituality, signs, dreams, spirit guides, spiritual awakening, clairvoyance, consciousness, past lives 

Call on Archangel Raziel with prayer, speaking out loud, journaling, singing, and meditation. It doesn't matter what you do if you call on Archangel Raziel by using No.11 Esoteric Wisdom his signature perfume this will create a high vibrational bridge so you can receive messages, healing and support clearly.

How to Use: 


  1. When using the perfume body oils apply a small amount to the hands.

  2. Rub the hands together to heat up and release the fragrance.

  3. Cup your hands together over your nose and deeply inhale.

The inhalation immediately shifts you into a higher vibration. As the aromas move deep inside the lungs, limbic brain and deep into the cells of the body it will shift your energy and emotions by uplifting your vibration so that you can more clearly, hear, feel and sense your intuitive connection to the Archangels. 

Body: Apply perfume oils onto pulse points. These areas include your wrists, the nape of your neck, behind your knees, behind your ear, and inside your elbows. You can also use in your hair.

Inhale: Apply to body, rub hands together to heat and release the fragrance and deeply inhale.

Chakras: Apply directly to skin above your chakra point. Visualise white light as you rub into your chakra.

Shower: Take a warm face towel and apply two drops, Allow for the aroma to release and rub the body.

After Shower/Bath: Applying your perfume body oils to your body after a shower in the morning and evening will allow the natural perfume oil fragrance to lock-in. The pores on your skin are open from the warmth and steam of the shower or bath.

Ingredients: Certified organic cold pressed olive oil, Rose, Cardamon, May Chang, Patchouli + Archangel Raziel love vibration.

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