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Esoteric Wisdom Essential Oil Blend by Archangel Raziel

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Esoteric Wisdom Essential Oil Blend is Archangel Raziels Perfume

Archangel Raziel is a wise soul and an all-knowing and teaching archangel of esoteric wisdom. I liken him to Gandolf in Lord of the Rings. He is the overseer of the Akashic records where each soul’s past, present, and future is recorded, and he supports you to review past lives for healing to release blocks, phobias, and fears and bring forth your talents for the continued evolution of the soul. He assists in unlocking our innate clairvoyance and spiritual development to awaken to our spiritual gifts as we work consciously to live a spiritually guided life.

He is a wise consult for spiritual development.

By using the essential oils you invoke archangels, promote energy healing and clearing, enhance divine communication, promote high vibration, and uplift the mind, body, spirit, soul, and space. 

Each Archangel has speciality areas of support for Archangel Raziel these are; 

Main areas of assistance:

Esoteric wisdom, Spiritual development, clairvoyance, Past lives.

To call on your Archangel you can do this with prayer, speaking out loud, journaling, singing, and meditation. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you call on your Archangel . the Archangel Aromatherapy will create a high vibrational bridge so you can receive your messages and support clearly.

How to use:

Inhalation: Remove the lid and close off one nostril and inhale. Deeply inhale into the other side as well. Keep inhaling until you feel an emotional shift. By inhaling the aroma, not only will you call in the Archangel for support your vibration will shift as the essential oils move deep into the limbic brain you will be relieved of negative emotions and uplifted by positive emotions. Keep inhaling until a feeling of well-being is restored. Refer to each Archangel for which emotions each angel supports you with.

Bath: Apply two drops (you may apply more) of oil into a hot bath while running the water. As you lay in your bath deeply inhale the aromas and ask your Archangel to bring you healing and support.

Diffuse: Release two drops (more if you desire) into your diffuser and allow the essential oils to diffuse into your space. The Archangel Aromatherapy will gently diffuse into your home clearing energy, raising the vibration and healing anyone who is in the room or home. As you gently inhale the diffusing essential oils, you are also inviting your angel to come in close to support you by creating an aromatic bridge to the angels who are of higher consciousness.

Perfume notes + Archangel vibration:  Rose, Cardamon, Citrus, Patchouli + Archangel Raziel love vibration.

Do not apply directly to skin.

Only Certified Organic + Wildcrafted Essential Oils and ingredients are used to formulate perfumes.

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