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Energy Clearing and Healing Ritual with the Archangels

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Clear and heal your energy with the Archangels using this divine Ritual.

Sensitive souls can take on the energy of the world around them. We can think negative thoughts and lower our vibrational energy. We can can also take on the negative energy of those around us. This can make us feel tired, lethargic, depressed, anxious and really not ourselves.

Our general vibration can feel low and we feel blocked and struggling to attract a positive flow of vibration into our life.You may also be living or working in a negative toxic environment and taking on the energy of others.

To stay spiritually well and to maintain a high vibration its important to have a regular practice of clearing your energy. The same way you clear away dirt and grime from the physical body. This ritual is the perfect spiritual self care ritual to maintain your spiritual wellness.

The Energy Healing & Clearing Ritual is a beautiful bathing ritual that calls in Archangel Michael for spiritual healing.

Archangel Michael clears away negative energy to cleanse and clear the energetic body to reinstate the flow of positive energy into your aura and the subtle energy body.

This divine ritual can be performed daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel you need to clear your energy.

Maintaining your energetic wellness is vital for keeping you in a high vibrational and Soulscented.

Ritual Kit Includes;

1 x E Book: I Am a Soul Champion by Rachael White

Step by Step Ritual Instructions in the I Am a Soul Champion Book written by Rachael White.

1 x 5ml Clear & Protect by Archangel Michael.

Essential Oil Concentrate to add to bath water, diffuse the aroma into your space to raise vibration or simply inhale for a deep healing and transformation.

1 x 30ml Clear & Protect Perfume Body Oil by Archangel Michael

Perfume body oil to apply after bathing ritual.

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