Divine Love Tea

Merging the soul with higher conciousness throughMerging the soul with higher consciousness through herbs, flowers, plants.

SOUL: Opens up a deeper sense of divine love; Emotional and etheric bodies are aligned though its use. Deep healing is offered as the individual has the opportunity to transform the energy by drinking this spiritual elixir tea. 

EMOTIONS: Depression, Love, Joy, Happiness, Content, Fear, Courage, Strength


MIND: Loving thoughts, Uplifting, Loving thoughts, Sensuality, Wisdom, Spiritual

BODY: Skin care, Circulation and joints, Respiratory system, Digestive and Immune System.

USE: 5ml level teaspoon contains 1.9grms dry herbs. Add boiling water. Drink without milk.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Lemon Verbena, Rose & Lemongrass

Check ingredients for contraindications, lactation, pregnancy. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Store below 30° Made in Australia. 

Keep sealed for freshness
and potency. 

Exp: 12 months

We hope your enjoy our high vibrational tea.