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Divine Love Tea

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Divine Love Tea is hand crafted by Rachael White using only the very best certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

Divine Love Tea provides support for healing the soul. It opens up a deeper sense of divine love within us.

It is an emotional merging of the soul with higher consciousness through herbs, flowers, and plants.

SOUL: Opens up a deeper sense of divine love; Emotional and etheric bodies are aligned through its use. Deep healing is offered as an opportunity to transform the energy by drinking this spiritual elixir tea. 

EMOTIONS:  Love, Joy, Happiness, Content, Fear, Courage, Strength


MIND: Loving thoughts, Uplifting, Loving thoughts, Sensuality, Wisdom, Spiritual

BODY: Skincare, Circulation and joints, Respiratory system, Digestive and Immune System.

USE: 5ml level teaspoon contains 1.9grms dry herbs. Add boiling water. Drink without milk.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Lemon Verbena, Rose & Lemongrass

Check ingredients for contraindications.Seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Store below 30° Made in Australia. 

Keep sealed for freshness and potency. 

Exp: 12 months

We hope you enjoy our high vibrational tea.

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