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Divine Awakening Rose Facial Oil

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Divine Awakening is a rose facial oil that supports psychic activation, spiritual protection and supreme high vibrational support for nourishing, healing and restoring the skin.

Divine Awakening rose oil infused with juniper and bergamot. The divine awakening oil was channelled to Rachael by Archangel Michael many years ago to support healing, spiritual protection and activation of the third eye chakra for enhancing psychic and intuitive abilities. The Divine Awakening is a sublime aromatic experience as the rare and precious rose oil majestically brings forth the highest vibration for a powerful connection to the divine.

"When I first began long days in private practice Archangel Michael came to me in a meditation and guided me on the formulation of Divine Awakening as a daily facial oil to not only activate my psychic senses but to protect my third eye during long days in sessions with clients.

After six months of using Divine Awakening my skin was radiant and my third eye much clearer and to my delight my sun damage was also healing and clearing.

I decided to share Divine Awakening with my clients and they loved it.

So here it is."

Divine Awakening uses the highest vibrational certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils of Rose, Juniper and Bergamot

This luxurious third eye of the soul activation ritual is highly potent Rose essential oil as this precious and highest vibration essential oil will penetrate deep into the chakras & third eye to activate psychic abilities and protect your energy keeping it at a high vibration.

It is also naturally restorative, super absorbent & highly nourishing for radiant skin.

Use: Apply to the Third eye (centre of forehead.) Apply all over face and neck after a shower underneath your makeup  and before you sleep at night.

Ingredients: Certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils of rose, citrus and olive oil.

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