Psychic Development & Spiritual Protection Workshop

The Psychic development and Spiritual protection workshop is the second in the ‘How to live a Spiritually Guided Life’ workshop series hosted by Rachael & Ben White. 

We are all psychic. We can develop our psychic body to enhance our psychic abilities just as we develop our physical body and its abilities. 

The Psychic Development and Spiritual Protection workshop is a practical, guided approach to:

  • activate and develop your psychic abilities.
  • protect and shield yourself, loved ones and clients 
  • Learn how to tap into higher vibrational messages and guidance.
  • Learn powerful ancient wisdom and techniques for enhanced psychic development you can use in everyday living.
How to live a Spiritually Guided Life

Rachael and Ben White are both Clairvoyant/Healers.  Over the years they have been working with clients across Australia from their practice located in Sydney. For the first time ever they have launched this workshop series to teach all of the practices they use and have been taught to them by the angels and spiritual guides.

This workshop will be hosted at Dr Earth, Newtown , 10th May 2014 from 3.00-4.30pm. To book online visit or call Rachael on 0402848810. 

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