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Daniel Tucker aka Spiritual Tradie Interviews Rachael White

Daniel Tucker

Daniel Tucker is a Spiritual Tradie. By day he lays concrete and by night he chats with an array of Teachers, Healers and Business Owners. They discuss personal insights, challenges and wisdom, along with daily practices that have shaped and enhanced their lives. Through an unscripted sharing of stories that are packed with entertaining tales, they provide a modern day perspective on spirituality… for everyone.


Rachael White.....

In this podcast I talk with Rachael White Owner of spiritual sanctuary Soulscented,

Angel Intuitive Clairvoyant and Author. We spoke about her journey being guided to heal her husband through clinical depression and then begin healing others, we got into energetic entity exorcism, deep into Archangel Aromatherapy, other healing modalities and much more. LISTEN TO FULL EPISODE

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