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Spiritual Protection with the Angels

Spiritual Protection is the most important spiritual ritual you can do daily to ensure you sustain a healthy energy for spiritual wellness.

When we think about holistic healing we often default to mind, body but the spirit and soul are often neglected. In my opinion, if the spirit is well and mind, body and spirit are aligned with the Soul- your higher self then you are holistically well. However, if your spiritual energy is compromised and not operating at a high vibration you will find that this will significantly impact your mind and body wellness.

Spiritual Wellness is not just about clearing energy with a chakra cleanse or a energy healing. We are multidimensional beings so whilst regular energy healing is an essential part of your spiritual wellness like brushing your teeth is for your physical well being there is so much more happening on a multidimensional level that can impact our ongoing spiritual health.

Preventative ritual practices such as a daily spiritual protection ritual allows you to invest daily in clearing energy and connecting to higher consciousness as this is how we access higher dimensional and vibrational energy.

First things first. A daily practice of shielding and protecting your energy is the most important spiritual ritual to bring into your life on a daily basis. Without shielding and protecting your energy you take on the energy of others and the energy manifest in spaces around you. Without any energetic boundaries you take on, carry, process and manifest this negative energy deep into your consciousness. You literally feel like you are no longer yourself as you become overwhelmed with energy all around you.

You can become ungrounded, anxious, confused, depressed and completely disconnected from your higher self-Soul.

Here is the Spiritual Protection Ritual extracted from my book. You an purchase it from the Soulscented Apothecary I AM  Soul Champion- How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy

I have also recently released a Spiritual Protection Meditation. This is a guided meditation that you can use morning and night to begin the practice of spiritual protection


Shield and Protection Ritual 

  1. Sit up in bed before you start the day.

  2. Apply, diffuse, or mist Archangel Michaels Perfumes 

  3. Close your eyes. Take three deep breathes and relax.

  4. Imagine or visualise a large shaft of light streaming down from

    the heavens into the top of your head. Feel the white light pouring down from the heavens. It is the most magical, bright, white light.

  5. Allow this light to run down onto your body from the top of the head, through the shoulders, arms, centre of the body, and out of the legs. Beautiful, bright, white light illuminates you like rays of sunlight or moonbeams. They penetrate your body. Feel its warmth; feel the power of the light.

  6. Now, imagine the light moving through the body and streaming down to your feet to fill your body and aura. As you look at yourself, you see yourself encased in bubble of bright, white light.

  7. The channel of white light is going to change colour. Now imagine it turns to a bright pink. Allow this light to flow through you and around you to form a layer of pink light around the white light. You are now encased in a layered bubble of light.

  8. Now imagine the channel of light turns to purple and flows in and around you forming a layer of purple light over the pink.

  9. Lastly, imagine the channel turns a charcoal/grey colour, which is the colour of lead.

  10. You are now encased in a bubble of layered light. White light is healing and uplifting; the pink protects you against psychic attack (your own and other people’s negative thoughts and emotions); purple protects you against spirit entities, and lead protects against everything.

  11. Imagine that, at the bottom of your feet, is a large gold zipper. As you close up the zipper around your aura, the layers of protective light around your aura are enclosed and protected.

  12. Imagine that a gold rope drops down from the heavens and enters the top of your head. It moves down though your body, and when it reaches your hips, it separates into two pieces and each one runs down one of your legs. Once the rope reaches your feet it expands through your feet and, like tree roots, attaches to the earth, grounding you.

As you do this practice twice daily, you can learn to do it very quickly. If you forget to do it first thing in the morning, you can do it anywhere by simply closing your eyes for a couple of minutes and imagining the bubble. Sometimes I do it in my mind’s eye whilst walking my children to school. I practice spiritual protection morning and night. I shield my children every day. If I don’t do this, I energetically feel exhausted, and my children’s behaviour is unsettled. Protection works for roughly twelve hours. If you forget, you can just do it quickly, and you will become fast at just bringing in the light layers on the run. If I do any form of practice like meditation, yoga or channelling, I always protect my energy. All energetic practices open up our channels. Think of it this way: you don’t just open your front door and let anybody walk in. The same applies for your energy. If you open up, make sure you protect first. You can reinstate your protection anytime during the day or night, especially if you are in a highly energetically taxing environment. Your energetic shield is like contraception—it’s 99 percent effective, but it comes down to your energetic focus. If you have a negative mainframe, you deplete its effectiveness, as it is working to protect you from your own ego as well as from outside energies.

Happy shielding beautiful souls. May angels always guide you, protect you and bring an abundance of love to you now and forever. Blessings, Rxxxx

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