New Moon Manifesting ....So much more than wishful thinking

Do you believe that you can manifest all your dreams and desires into reality?Are you a big believer in manifestation. I am. So are many of my clients who have achieved amazing results. Manifestation is so much more than wishful thinking. It is an ancient divination tool for using energy and divine intervention and intention to co-create a divine life. We can learn many, many tools from ancient times. Tomorrow at 4.15pm Sydney time is the New Moon. Start thinking about your list of intentions or maybe one thing you really intend to manifest. As many of my loyal Facebook followers know the New Moon is a time for manifesting. 

For those of you who have just joined come in a little closer, I have something wonderful to share with you. When the moon and sun are in equal alignment this is called a New Moon. This is prime time for ‘new beginnings” aka Manifestation. Its about sitting down and writing down what your desires, goals, dreams or direction you intend for your life. With a New Moon Manifesting we take advantage of the New Moon energy to give our manifestation rocket fuel. We also make it really clear to the Universe, God, Angels, Buddha or whomever you connect in with spiritually exactly what you desire. Manifestation is a process. Firstly you list your intentions, then you visualise them already happening, then you burn the list to release it to the universe to be realised. You then use your intuition to see the signs and symbols that your spiritual helpers send to you. You also need to take action steps. Thats right its not wishful thinking its active manifestation. So for example say you set an intention last New Moon to get a new job and then over the next couple of weeks three different people tell you about a job that has come up and that they think you would be perfect. That is not coincidence my friends that is synchronisity and the Universe responding to your request. You need to apply for that job!! Watch for the signs and take action. 

But the most important factor is belief. Believing that you can create an amazing life and manifesting all that you desire and not getting disgruntled when it doesn't show up when, how or in the time frame that you expect it too. Leave all your expectations at the door and as they say just “put it out there’ and believe with your heart and soul that the Universe, God, Angels, Buddha or whomever your spiritually dial into wants for you everything that you desire. Stay tuned I am back in the morning with a reminder. If you are from another state and you want the exact time for your state visit they have a moon calendar and you just need to put in your city and voila! You have your exact time. If you would like to book in for a reading, healing or coaching or maybe you want to learn more about me please visit or give me a call on 0402848810

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