Blessing and Cleansing your home to prepare for January Manifesting Supermoons

I am so excited to share this information with you. Did you know that in January 2014 we will have two new moons and they are not just any moons they are Supermoons. So in 2014 there will be 5 Supersmoons in total two of which will occur in the month of January. This is a truly amazing and powerful time to manifest all your dreams and desires. The energy will be so powerful that manifestation will transmute at a powerful rate.

Richard Nolle is an expert in astrology defines a Supermoon as …..a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closets approach to Earth in a given orbit.

The first supermoon, for 2014, comes on New Year’s Day, with the January 1 new moon and the second on January 30. By this definition, according to Nolle:

There are 4-6 supermoons a year on average.

Therefore, the year 2014 gives us a total of five supermoons: two January new moons, and the full moons of July, August and September.

The full moon on August 10, 2014, will be the closest supermoon of the year. However, the new moons on January 1 and January 30 will not be far behind, featuring the year’s second-closest and third-closest supermoons,

So my friends it is time to prepare you and your space for some serious new year manifesting. It is time to raise the vibration of your space and clear out the old energy to bring in the new. As we are in the week of the full moon a time of real easing the old and clearing old energy the time is perfect.


Space cleansing and blessing is always good to do if you move into a new home to clear the previous owners space. Home blessings and manifestation can be don any time of the year for any space. We forget how important it is to cleanse our space which needs just as much focus as our physical body as so much negative energy can be trapped in space impacting our physical health and energetic body. Here is some simple advice on cleansing and clearing your space. However if you do feel that you or your loved ones space is haunted of affected by negative entities or ghosts please contact me for a House or Business Clearing. These simple home cleansing and blessing can be done by everyone. The best time to do a home blessing:

Begining of a New Year

Full Moon

New Moon- Manifesting

Moving into a new home

Starting a new relationship

The best time to do a Home Cleansing is:


The New Moon and Full Moon

Job hunting

After an argument or any negative situation that has occurred in the home.

Negative people living or staying in your space

Releasing negative energy and entities

Selling or buying a new home



Spiritual Tools for Cleansing and Blessing a Space


1.Call on Archangel Michael- Ask him to Vacuum the Space of all negative energy.


2.Call on Archangel Jophiel- Ask her to beautify the space and raise the vibration making you, then energy in the space and all the loved ones living in the space positive. Archangel Michael and Jophiel work together to clear your space.


3.Burn White Sage Smudge Stick- the sacred smoke of sage has been traditionally used by Native North and South American cultures to cleanse and clear away negative energy. White Sage Smudge Stick is available to purchase at my online shop This a powerful clearing tool. Sage your home, sage your computer, phone, T.V. Anywhere that negative energy may have come in. You ignite the end of the sage stick and blow gently on the end to create embers. This releases a steady flow of smoke. Move around your home making sure you go into the corners of each room. (Energy, entities, and ghosts get caught in corners).


4. Affirmations, Blessings & Intentions -As you move around say affirmations. Such as..


Ask Archangel Michael to stay with you to cleanse and clear the home.

For example you could say…. It is my divine intention to clear and cleanse my space. I call on Archangel Michael to be by my side as I move through this space clearing away all negativity and bringing in positive energy to positivly lift my home to a beautiful high vibration. Fill my space with love and peaceful energy. This space is a powerful positive space for manifesting with the divine. 


5. White Candles- Light white candles and burn them all through your home. This purifies the space and assists communication with the divine and Archangels.


6. Burn Essential Oil- Use my Archangel Essential Oils and Mists. You can purchase these at my online store My oils and mists are 100% pure organic oils. These oil blends invite the Archangels to work with you. Each oil has been carefully channelled by divine guidance from the Archangels. So,  I would use Clear & Protect which invokes the Archangel Michael,  I would use my Positivity oil to invoke the Archangel Jophiel and the Manifestation oil which invokes the Archangel Ariel. The Manifestation oil is perfect to use on the New Moon. Burn it in an oil burner while your manifesting so your thought forms transmute to the divine at a super rapid rate.  All of these oils are very powerful. They penetrate the walls and space to clear the energy. Because they are so high vibrational they allow the Archangels to come into your space and around you to help and guide you. The oils energetically  elevate the vibration of the space. Because the vibration of the space is elevated all your thoughts and manifestations travel to the divine on a much faster vibration allowing manifestations to be realised at a much faster rate. Add to this the power of the Supermoon’s in January and BOOM! Its a positive energy power pack!!! You can buy these from my website for delivery before 1st January head over to


7. Salt & Essential Oil Bowls- If you have trouble spots around the home. Fill a bowl with warm water, salt and a couple of drops of Clear & Protect- Archangel Michael Oil. (You can purchase this online at my store You can place these next to your bed so that the salt bowls absorb negative energy while you sleep.


8. Play Music- Playing music positively raises the vibration of the space and is great whilst you are burning sage and doing your affirmations around the home.


So my friends, Supermoons, New Moons, New Year,  and manifesting all good reasons to cleanse and bless your home. Set aside some time to give your space a good cleanse and blessing before you begin your new moon manifestations. The dual Supermoons make January a really powerful time for manifesting. This is also why I am also running my Find your Soulmate 2014 Workshop  on January 18 as the energy is so powerful for manifesting. Clearing and Cleansing your space creates the perfect environment for transmuting positive manifestations to the divine to be realised in January 2014. If you are having trouble with entities or ghosts please contact me for a Space Clearing of your home and business. Please head across to my website at to purchase your oils before January 1st. The cut off date for orders to arrive before January 1st is Monday 23rd December. You will also find details regarding the upcoming Find your Soulmate in 2014 Workshop.  For more information or to book in your House or Business Clearing please call 0402848810.

Enjoy your space clearing and blessing. This powerful ritual is a beautiful way to really bless and cleanse the space and support a positive life. Lets make 2014 full of dreams that come true! Rxx

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