Meet Rachael

Soulscented is a spiritual Apothecary Perfumery & Spiritual Healing College.

Founded by Rachael White, a Therapist, Author, Coach, Angel Intuitive, and Perfumer qualified if Positive Psychology, Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery.

From the beginning ……

I experienced a “knowing” of the divine and of spirit since I was a child, but I really stepped into my spirituality, because of the transformational effect it had on my life. Spiritual guidance saved my family from debilitating health issues.

“My life moved from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Having been told by the medical profession, that they could no longer help my ill family members. It was at this time I began to explore my spirituality. Looking instead to the heavens, I found the trust and self-belief to turn my family’s life around. I developed a powerful relationship with angels and spiritual guides - a journey that taught me how-to live-in harmony with the Soul’s purpose, trust in the power of intuition and spiritual guidance and, ultimately, heal my family of their illnesses and lead spiritually guided lives.”

Having received the knowledge of how I could support my family to heal through working with angels and spiritual guides, I went on to open my own private practice in Australia.

For the last two decades, I have worked with clients across the world conducting Angel Readings, Angel Healings, Spiritual Coaching, Past Life Therapy, Space Clearing Homes & Businesses, Spirit Attachment & Curse removal.

To support the process of healing and transformation with my clients, and due to the powerful positive effect, my bespoke tailored essential oil blends were having on my clients in my practice and in my own life, I developed the first-ever Archangel Aromatherapy Perfume Prescriptions.

These angelic perfume prescriptions of the Archangels are for daily application as an angelic invocation tool that calls in archangel guidance and support at any moment, depending on the issue, emotion or spiritual goal requiring help.

Each archangel came to me, and I channelled individual instructions for the preparation of the angelic perfumes to create each Archangel's unique vibration and signature scent. I am so grateful as the Archangel Aromatherapy has become a loved spiritual healing prescription and is used by clients across the world.

In my book, I AM a Soul Champion: How to Live a Spiritually Guided Life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity, and Archangel Aromatherapy.

I write about my extraordinary, life-changing journey to heal my family’s so-called “incurable” illnesses, and a sharing of the knowledge and wisdom I gained when I opened to living a spiritually guided life. Its key message is that everyone can access healing and guidance from angels and spiritual guides, to heal, to co-create, and to manifest in every aspect of life. “ 

I AM a Soul Champion is a practical guide for using intuition, healing, and manifesting along with Archangel Aromatherapy.

I am so genuinely happy you are here at Soulscented.

I am passionate about the ancient healing art of perfumery. As a spiritual perfumer, I create spiritual perfumes that explore the energetic, emotional, and mental aspects to support holistic wellbeing. I work with angelic guidance to channel and formulate perfumes.

I am also very passionate about using only the finest natural ingredients nature has to offer. As a natural perfumer, my company is committed to only sourcing the very best Certified Organic, Wildcrafted, natural high-quality ingredients. Essential oils have the highest vibration of anything in nature so the very best quality is required for creating high vibrational spiritual perfumery. I am committed to this.

Not only is Soulscented an Apothecary and Perfumery it also has the Spiritual Healing College. I opened the college in 2019 to teach others the Angel Intuitive Therapy course and further develop more courses for teaching spiritual healing therapies that the angels have taught me over the years in my private practice.

My vision has always been to open a healing sanctuary for others. In 2018, my dream was realised as I opened Soulscented, a multilevel spiritual emporium with spiritual retailing, a spiritual healing day spa and Perfumery in, Melbourne, Australia. However, in 2020 Soulscented relocated online to meet the growing global demand for online services.

In 2022 I relocated to the United Kingdom with my family.

Soulscented is still going strong and continues to expand and grow. My vision is to raise consciousness through perfume and therapies.

Soulscented is your scented spiritual sanctuary for healing and transformation.

Love & blessings,