Angel Reading + Energy Healing Session

What is an Angel Reading + Energy Healing Session

2 hours- £150


The Angel Reading + Energy Healing Sessions are conducted online via Zoom; you will have your Angel Reading first, then we will move into the Angel Energy Healing, whereby you find a comfortable, undisturbed space, and I will do a guided meditation for the angel healing.

Angel Readings are a beautiful, non-denominational spiritual method that involves communicating directly with angels to bring you loving guidance, support, and advice for any area of your life.

During these sessions, I will use the Archangel Oracle Cards and channelled intuitive guidance from the angels to bring through loving messages and answers to your questions.

Angel Energy Healing is a process of tuning into the energy of the Archangels to bring through their energy for healing the energetic body.


Maybe your energy feels not quite right; you feel low or energetically tired and depleted? Maybe you have been working or living in an energetically toxic space or have spent time with someone who is very harmful. 

Maybe you are a giver, and you just feel like you give, give, give, and you want to clear your energy and give yourself a deep healing with the angels to restore your energy and support your spiritual well-being. 

Healing with the angels is a gentle self-love experience whereby the angels are with you to cleanse, clear and heal your energy to very deeply. No matter what you have been through, be it grief, anxiety, stress, or insomnia, the list goes on an, angel healing is a powerful tool to restore energetic wellness for a holistic mind, body, and spirit wellness.

There are fifteen Archangels in total, and each angel has a particular vibration and focus area for healing, so depending on what angels come through during our Angel Reading session determines the angels we will call on for healing.  

The angel system of energetic healing works closely with the chakra system to clear, heal and balance the chakras and aura.

The areas of interconnection between body and spirit are purified and opened so you can experience an enormous infusion of angelic energy, allowing you to be receptive to the divine.

I will also be using the Archangel Aromatherapy to attune to the healing energy of the angels for communication and healing.

The angels will move through your energetic body, clearing and healing deep into the cellular energetic body.