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About SoulScented

Soulscented was Founded by Rachael White to provide is an online spiritual Apothecary boutique to dispense her perfumes, rituals and aromatics as aroma therapy provides the medicine and the healing by realigning the mind, body, spirit back to the soul.

Rachael is a dedicated and passionate artisan perfumer, and creator of the Archangel Aromatherapy, aromatherapy rituals along with vibrational and energetic remedies ancient aromatic. We stock spiritual rituals, crystals, self-help books, aromatics, teas, oracle cards and other products to help guide you on your spiritual journey. Everything you need for spiritual wellness, healing and living a spiritually guided life.

Spiritual Coaching & Healing with Rachael and specialist Spiritual Healing College. Rachaels focus is the sacred spiritual dimension of holistic healing as she believes that caring for the body and mind begins with nurturing your soul and spirit. 

At SOULSCENTED we drawn on the wisdom of the ancients.Ancient healing practitioners shared the same belief about the nature of healing: it was not possible to heal the body separately without considering the health of the mind and the soul.

The soul needs to operate at its highest vibration. Ancient societies understood the spiritual dimension of aromatics and perfume and how it was used for healing. This is where aromatherapy and perfume is used as medicine for your soul.  

At Soulscented we understand that human beings are made up of energy, which can become compromised. Aromatherapy is the bridge to higher consciousness for spiritual healing. The energy fields rebalances to help regulate cellular physiology to restore healing from a higher level of consciousness. 

We lovingly create and dispense artisan vibrational and energetic medicine, prescriptions, perfumes, aromatherapy, rituals, therapies and treatments for spiritual development, healing, teaching, and wellbeing in our spiritual apothecary.

Our love is to be of service to you.