About SoulScented

Soulscented was Founded by Rachael White to provide is an online spiritual Apothecary boutique to dispense her perfumes, rituals and aromatics as aroma therapy provides the medicine and the healing by realigning the mind, body, spirit back to the soul.

Rachael is a dedicated and passionate artisan of perfumer, and creator of the Archangel Aromathery, aromatherapy rituals along with vibrational and energetic remedies


ancient aromatic. We stock spiritual rituals, crystals, self-help books, aromatics, teas, oracle cards and other products to help guide you on your spiritual journey. Everything you need for spiritual wellness, healing and living a spiritually guided life.</p>
<p> </p>Spiritual Coaching & Healing with Rachael and specialist Spiritual Healing College. Rachaels  focus is the sacred spiritual dimension of holistic healing as she believes that caring for the body and mind begins with nurturing your soul and spirit. 

At SOULSCENTED we drawn on the wisdom of the ancients.  Ancient healing practitioners shared the same belief about the nature of healing: it was not possible to heal the body separately without considering the health of the mind and the soul.

The soul needs to operate at its highest vibration. Ancient societies understood the spiritual dimension of aromatics and perfume and how it was used for healing. This is where aromatherapy and perfume is used as medicine for your soul.  

At Soulscented we understand that human beings are made up of energy, which can become compromised. Our team of therapists, spiritual healing therapies and treatments combine energy healing with aromatherapy and perfumes to influence the mind, spirit, and soul to heal. Aromatherapy is the bridge to higher consciousness for spiritual healing. The energy fields rebalances to help regulate cellular physiology to restore healing from a higher level of consciousness. 

We lovingly create and dispense artisan vibrational and energetic medicine, prescriptions, perfumes, aromatherapy, rituals, therapies and treatments for spiritual development, healing, teaching, and wellbeing in our spiritual apothecary.

Our love is to be of service to you.

Soulscented is an emporium of offerings which include:

Apothecary boutique



aromatically transcended into a high vibration as the gentle wafts of aromas


create a sacred space for spiritual healing of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. 


rituals, aromatics aromatherapy perfumes are divinely inspired, channeled, drawing on the ancient wisdom of alchemists and spiritual healing techniques. This allows us to create an aromatic bridge to higher consciousness.

We have combined a powerful aromatic experience with an aromatherapy to gently touch the soul, while the oil’s spirit supports emotional and physical support. It also clears energy blockages shifting your vibration for deep healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

It's time to nurture yourself as you aromatically and energetically journey deep within your soul. 


At Soulscented we believe in a holistic approach to wellness. This includes Mind, Body, and Spirit for nurturing the Soul. 

Rachael offers her clients

  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Past Life Therapy
  • Perfume Therapy



SOULSCENTED is a spiritual healing college. We specialise in teaching the spiritual healing arts. Our training courses are designed by Rachael White who has been a practicing spiritual practitioner as an Angel Intuitive Therapist for over a decade. Rachael is also an entrepreneur and is qualified in Business (Marketing) and postgraduate studies in Positive Psychology, Wellness Coaching, Aromatherapy, and Perfumery. She brings great insight into how to provide clients with a high standard of service and running a spiritually based business. 

SOULSCENTED recently launch the Angel Intuitive Therapist Certification Course. This is a specialty course trademarked by the SOULSCENTED- spiritual healing college to train spiritual practitioners in Angel Healing and using and prescribing the Archangel Aromatherapy. 


Raise human consciousness through spiritual healing, teaching and creating aromatic and vibrational remedies, therapies and spiritual sanctuaries across the globe to support holistic wellness with a focus on spiritual transformation and healing for living a spiritually guided life.  



We honour others sensitivity. We take time to gather insight into how others feel cultivating an empathic understanding of ourselves and others. We believe in putting yourself in someone else's shoes. The ability to experience and relate to the emotions and energies or experiences of others. Authentically. We ensure our personal and shared environments are comfortable, nurturing, healing and high vibrating positive places to be and heal. 


Our core value is to be a kind soul. To be helpful, honest, forgiving, responsible, compassionate, character, respectful, loyal and true force for good.


We respond positively, optimistically and thoughtfully to be of service to others. We go above and beyond in everything we do.


Consciously creating and sourcing innovative products and services designed for the wellness of people and the planet. 


We always ensure we ask ourselves “ Is this for the highest good of my clients, my colleagues, staff, myself, my community". At the core, everything we do is of our highest good - operating from the Soul and being a Champion of the Soul with the best intentions for people, places and planet.

Our aim is to aromatically transcended you into a high vibration as the gentle wafts of aromas create a sacred space for spiritual healing of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

Our love is to be of service to you. 

To create a spiritual sanctuary for healing, wisdom and vibrational and energetic medicines, therapies and training for living a spiritually guided life.