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I recently completed a house clearing of a clients home who had been living in her haunted home for quite some time. The energies in the home became very active and impacted the health and wellbeing of her children. She had struggled and wrestled with the idea that her house was haunted but did not know who to turn too. 

Her children could hear and see the energies in her home and had been seeing them for years. Some of the spirit energies in the home were unsavoury characters and taunted the family. Other characters where lost souls or previous occupants of the home who had remained earth bound and not passed over. This is very, very common. We human beings can live amongst these energies and the energies have their own issues and baggage which can manifest in the space and impact our health and wellbeing for years. 

This is a reality of our human existence. However, many people get freaked out or go into denial and fear. I understand this. Of course it's hard to wrap your head around. Or maybe they have watched far to many horror movies or exorcist movies and have a completely disillusioned idea of what spirit energy really is. Don't let Hollywood movies be your yard stick for understanding ghosts, energies and entities. It's not how it is at all. 

Embracing the notion that we are as much a physical as we are spiritual beings is hard to swallow. It's weird, right? Some might say its " Woo Woo". Sure, I get that its not in the normal framework of how we assess our existence however, this is changing. Personally, I feel on a mission to bring knowledge and understanding on the spiritual aspects of ourselves and the world around us and how this can impact our day to day living. Both in the positive and negative. I think its important to know the light and the shadows so you can be informed and assertive rather than fearful and in the dark. Living around us are all sorts of spiritual characters and energy that impact all of us. Sometimes in a very physical and mental way. The sooner we begin to see ourselves as spiritual as well as mental and physical then we expand our understanding of who we are in a very powerful and positive way. Nothing about being spiritual is "Woo Woo' and the sooner we see ourselves as a holistic beings made up of mind, body, soul and spirit the sooner we can seek support and healing for our whole being. 

After I cleared my clients home she said to me "Why don't more people talk about this?"  She explained that for years she felt so isolated and felt she would be judged and people would think she was a complete weirdo. I assured her that through my work with people across Australia and the world people are talking about it. She encouraged me to tell more people to talk about it which inspired me to write this blog post. 

Let me tell you friends, I am flat out clearing houses and commercial properties all over the world.  People are more connected than ever and know exactly whats happening spiritually. They can hear, see, feel and smell things and they don't go into denial or fear they deal with it. They don't always talk about it at dinner parties but it's one of those conversations that when you open the can of worms all of a sudden all of the stories flow. 

My client provided me with the beautiful testimonial which she wanted me to share with everyone so they could be more aware of how keeping your home spiritually cleared and ourselves spiritually well just as we do physically and mentally is just as important for our overall wellness. Also, if anyone is out there wondering what to do like she was, that they can get in contact with me....

I just wanted to thank you for conducting our recent house cleansing.
We had been experiencing unexplained noises and occurrences for many years, to the point that my children no longer felt safe in their home and wanted us to sell and move on.
We were at a loss as to what to do until a friend put us in contact with you.
Your strong, positive and straightforward attitude towards our situation was an absolute saviour.  You took the time to explain exactly what you were doing and then reported back to us with everything you found.

More than anything, I appreciate the time you took to meet with my children to explain and to reassure them that the house was now cleared and that they should feel safe in their own home.

My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner.
Take care and keep helping people as you have done for us.

The more we talk about it the less hush, hush and woo, woo it becomes. The more people step out of the 'Spiritual Closet" and embrace the notion that we are spiritual, physical and mental beings and seek healing and guidance for you or your families spiritual wellness.  

If you would like to discuss a space clearing with Rachael please call her on 0402 848810. 

A big thank you to my client for sharing her story. Blessings, Rxxx

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