What you resist, persists! Let it Go!

The moon and her cycles allow us to check in and reflect on where we are with ourselves. If we are having a hard time with life and living the moon cycle comes around with all its lunar energy to help clear, cleanse and purge whatever we feel is holding us back or down under a full moon. Just as the new moon allows us to manifest the new after we release from the full moon.

I personally have a 'no tolerance' policy for feeling unhappy. If I feel that something is not right or I feel unhappy, irritated I take time out to look at whats going on with myself. Happiness is our natural state of being. If you accept anything less you are going against your true nature. Sometimes 'owning' what makes us unhappy is hard. Because it could very well be our own fears that have created what is showing up in our life. 

If you go into denial as Jung says ' what you resist, persists'. It will keep showing up, and showing up and showing up. You may feel as though you have 'dealt' with something when in fact it resurfacing time and time again is a sign that its still not really dealt with. 

We can all be passive, non committal and not want to 'go there'! We are human, of course we all do it. But in my experience it will continue to show up in your life the longer you avoid dealing with it. 

The full moon lunar energy is so powerful it draws up to the surface all that needs to be dealt with. In particular, all that you have resisted. With our greatest intentions we can lay out all that we wish to release, purge, cleanse and clear. But, remember, this is an active process so once you release you also say you are ready for change. Particularly if you have contributed to what you wish to release, heal, cleans purge or clear.  This is an active process my lovely friends but a very powerful one. The Universe, your angels or whomever you feel spiritually aligned with will also energetically send support and guidance for you to make the changes. Don't forget to call on them for help.

The full moon kicks off at 1.45pm today Sydney time. Please check on www.timeanddate.com for the exact time in your country or state. If like me you are working today then you can do your releasing this evening. You may also have the sudden urge to clean the house, clear out cupboards, sort our that messy cupboard or work space. This is all part of the full moon purge.

A full moon ritual must begin on or after the time that the full moon begins so you are in the energy. The most potent time is the four hours after the full moon begins and the four days following. 

The Full Moon  Ritual is a six part process...


1. Create a sacred space....light candles, burn Archangel Aromatherapy sage, play music and get yourself in a really positive head space. Think about all the wonderful things in your life and spend a moment being grateful for what you do have. This is such an important part of the process. The more positive you and your environment are he easier your thought forms are carried to the divine. You raise your vibration and the vibration of your space which in turn elevates your intentions to the divine on a really high frequency. 

2. Write out your intentions. List all your intentions you wish to release and purge from your life. Under a Full Moon we release anything that is no longer working for us. It is essential that you use the word "Intention' the word intention is a powerful word of creation. It is with intention that you create. So at the top of a piece of paper write.. Dear God, Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, Buddha, (whomever you call on spiritually)

…”My intention is to release with the greatest of intention and love…

You may just have one intention that you wish to focus all your energy on or you may have a few. Up to you.

I place of couple of drops of my archangel aromatherapy oils to raise the intentions vibrations.

3. Visualise your intentions. As you write each one, sit back and close your eyes and visualise what your life would be like with the released intention gone. It’s a very positive visualisation. What I like to call a 'mini mind movie' of everything you desire already manifest. 

4. Release intentions to be realised. Burn or submerse list in water rip up the list of intentions. you release them to your angels, God the Universe whomever you feel spiritually aligned with so they can be realised. We don't want to hold onto our intentions. You can make a copy so you can refer back to them.

5. Time for action using your intuition.  Use your intuition to determine signs related to your purge. Tune in and notice the signs. Remember there are no coincidences everything is happening for a reason. Particularly because you asked for it. You placed a big order and your Spiritual guides will come back to you with the actions you need to take to make your intentions come to fruition. So pay attention. They are trying to reach you.

6. Be open to change:You may need to make some big life changes which will be confronting and challenging but its all part of releasing what is no longer serving you. A time for healing that we are all do together with the loving power of the full moon.

Release from your life the old fear energy to allow for new positive intentions and manifestations to fill up your life with loving desires. The more fear we release the more love we can manifest and draw toward us.

Happy Full Moon, R

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