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What are you creating with your energy?

We are creative beings. In every moment we choose what we create energetically.

Each thought you have holds an energy and vibration. So sustaining a positive mindset is really important as you create your reality with your thoughts.

Don't let the mind run away with all its negative ego chit chat.

Watch your mind be responsible for what you create.

Sit quietly in meditation, diffuse  No. 1 Clear and Protect by Archangel Michael as his will open up a fast, clear channel to Archangel Michael, ask him to help you clear the negative ego chit chat & heal the mind.

Commit to stillness, inhale the aroma & allow the guidance to flow. The inhalation of the Archangel Michael essential oil blends works deeply into the limbic brain to support your emotional wellbeing and shift your thinking out of a negative construct. This also impacts your vibration as it shifts you into a higher vibration.

Archangel Michael is also able to bring healing and guidance when you use his organic perfume.

Be conscious of your thoughts and what you are putting out into universe. Of course I am not suggesting that you are not going to have times whereby you need to deeply explore the negative narrative that plays out in your mind. But, this is a tool for shifting you out of that negative inner narrative of the ego which is often associated with anxiety and worrisome thinking that does not serve you.

Clear Protect Essential Oil Concentrate 5ml

Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Natural Essential Oils

No.1 Archangel Michael - Clear and Protect

Invoke archangels. Energy healing/ clearing. Divine communication. High vibration. Uplift mind, body, spirit, soul & space.

5ml Natural Essential Oil Concentrate

Natural Essential Oil Concentrates invoke archangels, promote energy healing and clearing, enhance divine communication, promote high vibration, and uplift the mind, body, spirit, soul, and space.

Main areas of assistance: Spiritual protection, physical protection, shielding, scared, dark thoughts, fear, worry, depression, withdrawn, suicide, panic attack, assertiveness, courage, self-esteem, self-awareness, intentions, fearless, negative energy, soul self, space clearing, nightmares, life purpose

How to Use: 

Inhalation: Remove the lid and close off one nostril and inhale. Deeply inhale into the other side as well. Keep inhaling until you feel an emotional shift. By inhaling the aroma, not only will you call in the Archangel for support your vibration will shift as the essential oils move deep into the limbic brain you will be relieved of negative emotions and uplifted by positive emotions. Keep inhaling until a feeling of wellbeing is restored. Refer to each Archangel for which emotions each angel supports you with.

 Bath: Apply two drops (you may apply more) of oil into a hot bath while running the water. As you lay in your bath deeply inhale the aromas and ask your Archangel to bring you healing and support.

 Diffuse: Release two drops (more if you desire) into your diffuser and allow the essential oils to diffuse into your space. The Archangel Aromatherapy will gently diffuse into your home clearing energy, raising the vibration and healing anyone who is in the room or home. As you gently inhale the diffusing essential oils, you are also inviting your angel to come in close to support you by creating an aromatic bridge to the angels who are of higher consciousness. 

Ingredients: Certified Organic Therapeutic Grade essential oils: Rose, Lavender, Bergamot + Archangel Michael love vibration.


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