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Spiritual Healing for holistic wellness.

Spiritual healing practices are based on ancient wisdom and divine guidance from the divine.

A spiritual healer works with the spirit realm to channel energy and guidance for healing.

As an Angel Intuitive Therapist I work specifically with the Archangels as they are my trusted source of divine guidance. I receive healing energy as a channel from the angels. This energy flows down through my body into my consciousness.

When I conduct healings I often feel energy beaming out of my hands, palms and fingers. At times  during a healing session an angel may come place their hands on you and you may feel tingling or a warmth sensation through your body.

This energy releases your own internal healing energy.

Spiritual healing can also clear away negative energy and psychic attack which is toxic energy projected towards you from another person or your own negative thinking. 

Psychic attack and negative energy can cause you to feel drained and tired, not yourself and in some instances physical pain. Spiritual healing can clear away negative energy, addictions, curses, vows and past life patterns.

Spiritual healing can support you to heal from depression, anxiety, phobias, fears and physical ailments.

We are all spiritual beings made up of mind, body and spirit. Our healing extends beyond just the physical and mental to include the spiritual.

For complete wellness our spiritual health and energy management are essential for mind, body and spiritual wellness.

If you are feeling energetically unwell book in for an Introductory session with me. I will bring through the angelic guidance of the Archangels to bring divine guidance to our session and intuitive insight for the support you need.

Go to the Spiritual Services to book online.

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