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Spiritual Healing -Aromatherapy Interview with Carly Gallagher

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with the wonderful Carly Gallagher. She interviewed me for her Help my Hormones Series. Carly and I have worked together on many projects over the last five years, she is my go to Naturopath and a wonderful healer and yoga teacher. This interview we dive deep.

Carly Gallagher is the Founder of  Inner Alchemy. She is a Naturopath and Yoga Teacher and a Naturopath for over 20 years, Carly focusses on Women's Hormones, Thyroid Disease, Weight Loss and Gut dysfunction.  Coupled with her passion for teaching Yoga, and Food, Inner Alchemy was created in 2017 to bring all three together under one brand.

Carly’s passion for Thyroid and hormonal conditions stems from her own families struggles with Thyroid disease. Her whole family have Thyroid auto-immunity and hypothyroidism which was undiagnosed for many many years. She vowed to help others navigate through this tricky and often mis-understood condition. The three elements of Inner Alchemy (Yoga, Food and Healing) bring together the principles she has used to help her family and her patients and bring joy once again to their lives.

Carly considers herself an Integrative Naturopath focussing on female hormonal health issues, in particular Thyroid disease, but has a in-depth knowledge of Gut Dysfunction. She uses natural & medical approaches towards healing with the use of herbs, nutrients, diet along with hormones and other medicines where necessary.

Carly has a unique offering to patients where she dispenses her own natural herbal and nutrient compounds. She also works closely with a number of medical doctors to ensure clients have the best integrative approaches to their health.
The combined service offers patients highly advanced protocols and solutions rarely seen, enabling quicker and longer lasting results and healing.



I caught up with Carly for an interview for her Help my Hormones Series. You can watch the full interview below; 

Help My Hormones - Spiritual Healing with Rachael White

In a world of healing focussed mostly on physical treatments, it’s important to know that ancient healing techniques not only addressed the physical body, it largely focussed on the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies. In yoga we call these the Kosha bodies. The path to enlightenment is believed to occur when you master all 5 Kosha bodies. In practical terms, when speaking about how this can help with your Hormonal symptoms, the message really is that aromatherapy can be hugely important to include in your treatment plans given it’s unique ability to cross the Blood-Brain barrier instantly, providing immediate therapeutic benefits. Deep diving into the world of spiritual healing with the use of aromatherapy, our beautiful Angels and practical tips to implement each day. I’m honoured this next guest spent the time to break down how powerful we can be when adopting these ancient techniques that has been shunned, condemned and hidden away from our communities. I’m joined in this episode with non other then the amazing Rachael White. Rachael White is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Author, Spiritual Wellness Teacher, Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Angel Intuitive Therapist, Positive Psychology practitioner and qualified in Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery.

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