Space clearing to detox and boost your business

The energy of spaces and people exerts an invisible but profound force on our behaviour – and whether that is good or bad for your business is in your hands, as Rachael White* explains.

How often do you walk into a salon, spa or clinic and pick up on “the vibe”? It’s one of the first things we notice about a space – how it feels.

What exactly does that mean when we say a space has a “feel”? Sometimes even the most stunningly aesthetic of spaces can have a “feel” that makes us uncomfortable. We just can’t put our finger on it but it “doesn’t feel right”.

The “feeling” we all talk about is energy. When you meet someone and you don’t really know why but they “don’t have a good feeling”, you’re tapping into that person’s energy.

Maybe they just had a fight with someone, or maybe they are in a bad mood, lonely, depressed or anxious. Possibly the feeling means their intentions are not good.

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