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Anyone who has ever worked in the hospital system or as a healer will tell you that leading up to a full moon clients get a little cray cray. We all do. Nothing like a little lunacy to stir up the energy and get things progressing. It’s all good lovely people. In order for us to heal we sometimes need some intense energy to highlight the healing. This is what the moon energy does. It draws forth healing. The week leading up into a full moon should always be marked in your diary as this week is usually intense. Just to remind you that if your feeling a little emotional that it is your angels, God, Universe and the Cosmos shining some energetic light on something that may need to be reflected on and healed. Knowing this will make the process a little easier as you won't be left wondering 'what is wrong with me this week'. You can stop wrestling with the 'why is this happening' and focus on what is coming up for you. It’s often the not know of what is happening that makes us a little crazy. 

I am going to be completely honest with you. That pre full moon week can get a little challenging. Especially if you have denied, shut down, closed the door on a deep seeded healing or issue with yourself or someone else that really, really needs to be dealt with. It can be confronting, revealing, annoying and make you wanna cry your eyes out or get a little cranky and extra sensitive. Our emotions are running high. 

A full moon ritual is a spiritual healing practice that allows us to join forces with the cosmic forces of the universe and your Archangels to really accelerate your healing.

You can experience a deep healing experience in the comfort of your home with the Archangels by using the Archangel Healing Rituals.

Each of these Ritual Kits comes my self help book I AM a Soul Champion and it outlines step by step instructions for each ritual and which Archangel Aromatherapy to use. Once you purchase the Ritual Kit you can do the Archangel Healing Rituals regularly for spiritual wellbeing, energy healing and transformation.

Explore the range of Archangel Healing Rituals.


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