Past Life Regression

The soul has journeyed to many life times experiencing many lives. It has been on many adventures to further develop itself and to journey back to our true soulful self. In this life you have the opportunity for further growth and healing by venturing into your past lives as it helps you to release and heal what you have brought into this life. Returning to a past life can heal long term unexplained fears, phobias and chronic conditions and physical ailments.

Returning to our Past lives will also positively allow you to bring forth knowledge, wisdom and talents gained in previous lives into this life. For example you may have developed a new passion for yoga, guitar, astrology, counseling in fact anything you are passionate about and are naturally good at.

By returning to a past life you can explore the life where you developed these skills or interests to release and bring forth the knowledge and wisdom you gained in a previous life into this life thus brining forth into this life your learning, talents and gifts. You can also return to past lives to see what you life purpose is.

Conversely if you are suffering from fears, unexplained phobia or from a chronic long term conditions a Past Life Regression therapy will take you back to explore the life you developed a particular concern.

I have witnessed first hand powerful healing’s of physical and emotional conditions such as repeated patterns of negative behaviours, emotional reactions to life situations, self esteem issues, depression, anxiety. For example a client I had would worry about financial issues yet would never deal with anything and remain in denial. Even though he really wanted to get ahead it was like he was paralyzed by a fear.

When we ventured into clients past life we discovered he was very well off in a past life but lost his entire family in a house fire. The pain and sorrow of loosing his family and the association between money and loosing the ones you love had created a fear around prosperity and dealing with financial issues.

Past Life regression can also help you understand and heal relationship concerns. The recall of a past life relationship that you are currently involved with will help you recognise negative patterns in relationships allowing you to break and heal those patterns.

When you bring past life concerns into this life they need to be released and healed in the present moment which involves returning to the past to reflect, heal and release. Residual mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy of past events untreated can significantly impact our present life relationships, career and personal characteristics.

Your soul is eternal and you can experience significant healing’s in this life to support a deeply powerful healing in this life. What you can expect? Past Life Regression therapy involves a client going into a deep state of relaxation and then into a guided meditation.

The Archangels and Ascended Masters are invoked to guide, protect and assist me to regress and protect you as you regress to your past life together.

A Past Life Regression session is 1.5hrs in total. As we explore your concerns, issues then move into protection and invocation of the divine for spiritual protection, guided meditation back to the past life then finishing with a deep clearing and healing.

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