No more Panic Attacks

I love my job, I love helping people and I love teaching people. I love the wonderful divine spiritual teachings that are uplifting and spiritually positive that the divine spirit realm share with me. However also in my day to day practice I deal with the not so ‘in the light’ or “darker” aspects of spirituality. My angels have been very clear that I bring you all these teachings not to scare you but to empower and enlighten you with information and knowledge for your own healing. If you know about it then its an option you can consider. I have seen a lot of people come to me lately suffering from panic attacks. Panic attacks are frightening. They overwhelm and hit a person at anytime, you can feel like your having a heart attack, you cant catch your breath, your temperate rises and you become paralysed by fear.

Whats worse, often people don’t know why or what is happening and you literally feel like you have lost control which makes it even more scary.

Panic attacks are insidious and I have a no tolerance policy for panic attacks. Why? Because in my experience as a spiritual healer panic attacks are caused from a spiritual attack by a spirit or demonic entity or an overwhelming infiltration of negative energy that has impacted your energy.

Let me explain. If people around you speak, think or intend ill will toward you this is projected negative energy. The impact on your wellbeing is significant. The negative narrative of our inner consciousness begins to take over and it can be difficult to reorientate ourselves back to our soulful selves. If we have negative experience with others our anxiety dialogue can take the stage in our minds and it can feel almost impossible to stop it.

A spiritually based approach to healing mental health issues is an important aspect of holistic wellbeing.

Additionally, you can be impacted by the energy around you. Unsavoury characters exist in the physical world as do they in the spiritual realm. Spirit or demonic entities that co-exist in your space or that you attract and become connected to your energy can create havoc with a persons life.

Through the loving guidance of the angels I have been taught how to clear the spirit from a persons aura, body, home etc and stop panic attacks with angelic healing practices.

I know its a weird thing to think or talk about and I know your probably thinking it’s really ‘out there’ and ‘weird’ but our spiritual health and wellness impacts our overall health and wellness beyond what we may have considered before.

I know the idea of a spirt or demonic entity attaching to your aura, body, home or worse the full spiritual possession of a person is for some an uncomfortable and confronting topic. Believe me when I tell you that I would love to only talk about the beautiful elements of the divine spirit realm. However the angels have told me that it’s important that we understand how we can be significantly impacted by spirit.

We are mind, body and spirit. Just as we have homes with fences, cars with seat belts to protect ourselves in the physical world we have ways of protecting and healing from spirit world.

The notion of spirit possession and attachment is nothing new.

The practice of releasing spirits form people and places was commonly referred to as exorcism. Exorcism or others may prefer to call it spirit releasement or rescue is conducted in a deeply considerate and compassionate way. Despite what you may have seen in the movies. This area of spiritual healing is not to be taken lightly and should always be carried out by a professional like myself. My intention for doing this work with the angels is to help people seek out this healing so they don't suffer from things like depression, anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, and unexplained physical ailments. I encourage people to explore all their options and rather than scaring people by talking about this topic my intention and that of the angels is to empower you with the knowledge and information you need to pursue this type of healing if you should choose so you can restore harmony to your health and life. Here is a recent testimonial from a client who came to me with panic attacks.

Rachael has asked me if I would write a testimonial. I do so happily and easily because quite simply, Rachael has changed my life. Both my husband and I went to see Rachael a few months ago, and it is regarding the effect on my husband that I would most like to write. To set up ... my husband is nearing 40; we have our dose of kids; 5 years ago he had his career of 15 years abruptly came to a halt (that he was really only vaguely interested in, so he’s been on a quest to find a new path); he’s fit and lovely and was mostly happy. Six months ago he starts getting panic attacks. Wake you up in the middle of the night, sweating bullets, squeeze the heart I’m going to die, full blown panic attacks. Out of nowhere. He falls into a hole, can’t work, barely functions. I organise a GP appointment, he gets some meds, gets a therapist, and manages to put one foot in front of the other. Therapy makes him panic. He hates going there. He hates analyzing this panic. After a couple of months of living with this half man, I complain to my yoga teacher that personally, I am stuck. I can’t move forward with anything important to me. My kids are driving me nuts, constant fighting and complaining. And now, my husband has broken down. I was the cheerleader for the family, jollying everyone along, and I felt rain soaked, and a muddy one, at best. I complained that I had read every book, seen every type of therapist, and yet here I am, still stuck. My yoga teacher says ‘you should go see Rachael White’ (add that sentence to the list of reasons why I love my yoga teacher). So, after husband cancels his 3rd therapy session, I set up two appointments for us to see Rachael. I only know the gist of what went on in his session, and the one that followed a few weeks later. I know 100% that he left there a changed man. He told me he had never before felt so understood. Rachael found in him (and me) spirit attachments and worked at removing them. Immediately his anxiety lifted and he stopped taking sleeping pills. Sure he still has things to work through ... dreams to chase ... bravery to find ... but he has not had one panic attack since that first meeting. He is the best ‘him’ he has ever been. He is connected, spiritual and attentive to himself, me and our family like he has never been before. I personally have had two appointments with Rachael, many phone calls, and she has been to our home to clear it of spirits and the odd vortex or two (as you do). My whole world has changed since knowing her. My kids are happier and more settled. She has worked remotely on my eldest son for his stutter (by looking at his past lives) and the improvements are quite remarkable. For me, life is the best it has ever been. My family is the best we have ever been. And I know (know!) it is only going to get even better. I owe Rachael and her partner a great deal. A debt I know I can never repay in full.


If you feel you need support please book a one on one Introductory Session with me and we can explore your healing needs.

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