New Moons are all about New beginnings

New Moons are all about New beginnings. Everything is always moving and changing all of the time. We can make a wrong choice then we have the opportunity to re-choose. Making a wrong choice is a good things because you are living and learning and taking a chance Start a fresh, begin again. No need to feel stuck, held back, or down. A new moon allows you to manifest a new way forward, a new dream a fresh approach, heal, grow and move toward creating whatever your heart soul desires. The moon reminds us that all things move in a cycle and the impermanence of everything. 

Are you just moving the motions of your life? Do you feel sometimes that you move from one day to the next but don't really live in each day? It is in this moment that you can re-choose to bring more life and living to your day. More happiness, bliss or love. Really embrace and live your life. When your ready the moon, your angels and me of course can provide you with the love, support and guidance to really look at how to move toward more living. It is your birth right to be happy and loving your life. Anything less than loving, living and happiness is a sign you need to heal and take sometime to have a look at what needs to change. It is actually an opportunity. 

Take some time this New Moon to think about one thing you would like to change about your life and manifest into your life. Just one thing. Make this your one and only intention for this New Moon ritual and lets see what happens. 

Like I said earlier this week the New Moon Manifestation ritual is more than wishful thinking it is co-creation with angels or whomever you connect with spiritually.  New Moon manifesting allows us to tap into the power of the new moon energy to call in our hopes and desires. Since ancient times ancient civilisations have used the new moon for manifesting. Manifesting is not wishful thinking because its coupled with positive action. Manifestation requires action. By taking action focused on what you intend to bring into your life the flow of energy is channelled toward making your intentions your reality.

Below I have listed the New Moon Ritual that you can do during the new moon energy this coming Sunday. Complete these steps after the time of the new moon so you are completely in the new moon energy. The most potent time is the first four hours from the time of the new moon begins 

1.    Create a sacred space: Light candles, play music and most importantly diffuse the archangel aromatherapy essential oils into your space. As the oils are dispersed in the space you elevate the energy of the space. As you move around your space and inhale the oils you breath in the aromatic molecules that penetrate deep into your body and brain. You immediately  elevate your energetic frequency making it easier to hear, see, know and feel  angelic communication.


2.     Write out your intentions. Using a pen and paper write out what you truly     desire to bring into your life. If possible its best to focus in on what is really     important to you at this time. Not necessarily an exhaustive list. Remember,  the New Moon comes around once a month. 

It is essential that you use the word “Intention’. The word intention is a powerful word of creation. It is with intention that you create. 

So at the top of a piece of paper write..."My intention is .......

Tip: We don't beg, plead for our intentions to be realised. This is fear based energy and couches the intentions in fear. Reorientate your intentions and send them off with absolute belief and all knowing that all you ask for will come to you. 

Don't place any expectations on how, what, when, where, how why. Don't overthink it. In fact, don't think about it at all. Write them out and send them off and believe with all heart and soul that all is coming to you. 

Tip: At the bottom of my intention list I always write. " It is my greatest intention that all my intentions be realised or better than I can imagine for myself'... this way you leave it open for AMAZING, MIND BLOWING stuff to come into your life that you cant even begin to imagine. Loving that!!

3.     Visualise your intentions: As you write out your intentions, sit back and         close your eyes and visualise the intention happening. Do this for each one. Basically creating what I like to call a 'mini mind movie' of everything you  desire already manifest. Keep these little "mini mind movies" in your mind and think of them often. The visualisation creates a very clear image for divine intervention from your angels to support your manifestations. 

4.     Release to be realised: Safely, burn, tear up or submerse the list of         intentions in water. You need to release the list of intentions so they             can be realised. We don't want to hold onto our intentions. Feel free to make a copy of your intentions so you can refer back to them. (Maybe in the warm weather submersing in water with a few drops of aromatherapy oil is better)

5.     Use your intuition: Now is not the time to check out my friends and kick back. When you take action the angels swing into action to take all the steps to support you. Now you have done this big request you need to be on high alert     for changes or actions you need to take. Tune in and notice the signs. Take notice to the feelings you have and guidance that you intuitively feel,  the people that show up, the synchronicity of life. Remember there are no coincidences everything is happening for a reason. Particularly because you asked for it. 

6.     Don't worry: One of the biggest reasons manifesting fails. Just believe that     because you asked for it, its will happen. People fall into the trap of worrying     about their intentions and then disbelieving when things don't show up         exactly how they thought they would or in the time frame they expect. This leads to discouragement and you reverse s the effects of your manifestation.     But also things can move really quickly and often clients will say to me 'it happened so quickly its too good to be true' either way believe that the Universe, God, Angels, Buddha, Ganesh or whomever you connect in with spiritually has got your request and they are working with you to make it happen. All you need to do is Intend, Visualise, 

Believe, Stay focused and Be Happy xxx 

Happy Manifesting my friends xx 

Rachael is an international spiritual life coach, clairvoyant, and spiritual healer .She works with individuals to who create spiritual transformation and life transformation in the areas of spirituality, business, healing, wellness and spiritual development. She is an entrepreneur and has developed the worlds first Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions. She works with people across Australia and the world in all aspects of business, spirituality and wellness. If you would like more information on this program please email Rachael at or visit her website

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