New Moon is a manifestation.......


Only one more sleep. New Moon Manifesting time. Lets face it, we all need a little help, guidance and support. I know I do. When I was manifesting my way out of a dark time and was really in a low place the angels came to me and showed me the importance of writing out my intentions and planning my way forward. They taught me to really look deeply at my life and focus my energy on what I desired with intention. Then I was guided to also use the power of energy to draw into my life all that I desire. So I did. I do. So can you. You can create your life rather than be pushed in a direction that you don't wish to move in. Your in charge. The New Moon energy is so high vibrational powerful tool of creation it acts like a manifestation magnet. The moon is yours and mine and it radiates its energy for all to use. The angels always encouraged me to draw on the power of nature and the universe to create heaven on earth. So lets use this manifesting energy and its power for our New Moon tomorrow. I will post up the ritual. So stay tuned. Maybe spend tonight imagining yourself as a powerful manifesting magnet drawing greatness into your life. Sit down and plan out what you truly desire so the universe and angels know what you intend for your life. They are standing by just waiting to help you so call on them. If you would like an angel reading, spiritual coaching or spiritual healing please email me at or call Rachael on 0402 848810 or visit for more details.

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