New Moon, Ditch the worry & bring on the dreams!

I have wonderful news. Its that time again. This Thursday 5th September is the New Moon for Manifesting!So ditch the worry my friends. If you stay in worry you will manifest your worried desires. If you positively focus on your desires you will manifest your dreams. Bring on the dreams!!!So start thinking about your list of desired intentions and visualizing them ready to burn or bury to release them into the universe.

This new moon i have another little manifesting tip for you....

When you write out your list of desired intentions ready for visualizing and burning/burying at the bottom of the list add this sentence:

“I send loving gratitude to the divine for all my intentions to be manifest and for the divine to send me those intentions that are bett This way God and the Universe have very clear instructions to send you desires that are so awesome and pinch yourself amazing that maybe you cant even imagine for yourself what they are!er than what I can imagine for myself.”

It also sends your intentions on a little wave of gratitude which is always really high vibrational. Bring on dreams and the new moon manifesting xxx

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