Negative energy, spirits & ghosts may cause depression, anxiety, nightmares & panic attacks

My husband had depression, anxiety and panic attacks. We tried everything but nothing was worked. Angels and Spiritual guides came to us and over the course of a few years taught us how to heal and clear away negative spirits, ghosts and negative energy that had contributed to my husbands depression, anxiety and panic attacks. To be honest it was a little freaky at first. I had always been spiritual but this was taking it to a whole new level of spiritual understanding. But, it worked! Now we help people on a weekly basis across Australia and overseas to clear negative energy and assist with healing from depression, anxiety, and panic. I never ever thought I would be doing this kind of work but it changed my life. You can be so negatively impacted by negative energy, spirit entities and ghosts and not even realise. We also work with parents who's children are suffering with nightmares and night terrors as in our experience this is usually spirit activity. We are all mind, body and spirit and healing depression, anxiety and panic attacks can happen however in my experience focusing on the mind and body alone are not enough you need to look at your spiritual wellness. If you would like to discuss or book in for a session we are here to help. Please call Rachael on 0402848810 or visit our website to read more

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