Manifesting Rituals- Powerful and Potent

Archangel Aromatherapy Healing Rituals: The archangels guided me to develop the organic aromatherapy perfume prescriptions to support the process of healing, transformation and manifestation. When you diffuse the oils in the space whilst conducting your New Year and New Moon manifesting ritual you create a potent and positive channel for all your intentions to travel on and to connect into. A manifesting ritual couched in positive intention, high vibration and light that aligns astrologically using aromatherapy is a powerful and potent source of energy.

New Moon Manifesting Ritual Kit
New Moon Manifesting Ritual Kit

Anytime is a good time to do a manifesting ritual.

However, the New Moon is a particularly potent time. Since ancient times the new moon symbolises a time for new beginnings. New crops would be planted and the the seeds sown to grow crops. The New Moon ritual intentions plant the seeds of our dreams and desires to manifest into reality.

Manifestation creates a high vibrational energy within and around you. Rather than focusing on what you don't have we focus on what we desire.

As we release and let go all that holds us back and down under a full moon we then begin the new cycle with a new moon, and manifest all we desire.

You can access the power to co-create and manifest with the support of angels, spirit guides, the power of intention and drawing on planetary energy such as the cycles of the moon coupled with your archangel aromatherapy prescriptions to accelerate manifestations.

The New Moon ritual has been a wonderfully successful ritual for myself and many of my clients. You can read about the amazing outcomes of this powerful ritual in the testimonial section of my website and in my book.

My intention is that all your intentions are realised. Abundantly!


1x I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy book

This book has the step by step instructions for conducting your New Moon Manifesting Ritual.

1 x No.1 Clear & Protect by Archangel Michael- 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil (inhalation, diffuser & bath)

1 x No.8 Manifestation by Archangel Ariel- 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil (inhalation, diffuser & bath)

1 x No.10 Peace by Archangel Haniel- 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil (inhalation, diffuser & bath)

1 x No.8 Manifestation by Archangel Ariel- 30ml Pure & Organic Natural Perfume Body Oil

1 x No.8 Manifesting by Archangel Ariel- 50ml Pure & Organic Natural Perfume Mist

1 x Large White Sage Stick-Infused with organic lavender essential oil.

*This ritual also requires the use of an aroma diffuser for the 5ml Concentrate Essential Oil. We have a selection of diffusers for purchase right here in our Apothecary.

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