Its new moon Saturday 1st March & timing is everything....


Its a new moon this Saturday 1st March.Yippee! Its manifesting time. New moon manifesting is a powerful way to maximise astrological energy when its at its peak to bring dreams and intentions for your life into your life.

I have just discovered that timing is also important. You should not begin your manifestation ritual in the time period before the actual new moon time as the moon is still in another phase. Sure you can ponder and maybe note down and talk about what you might like to manifest. However when you are putting together the actual list to burn you should always do it at the time of the new moon or within eight hours and up to four days after That said this Saturday the New Moon will occur at 6.30pm. So don't write your list out before this time. Once you write out your list, burn to release it. You will be given signs from the angels and universe. Your intuition will allow you to interpret these signs and see the guidance. If you have trouble trusting your intuition why not come to my workshop on Intuition & Energy Management. Visit my website Stay tuned for more new moon manifesting tip bits. Rxx

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