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Angel Healing Therapy on the Limitless Soul Podcast with Kelli Mason

I was so thrilled to sit down and chat with the wonderful, high-vibrational Kelli Mason @itskellimason on her wonderful Podcast, Limitless Soul Podcast @limitlesssoulpodcast.

Kelli is so genuine and down to earth that it was such a pleasure to speak to such a high-vibrational soul.

A big thank you Kelli for bringing so much wisdom and knowledge to us all through your platform. I am so grateful to have been invited to speak with you about Angel Healing Therapy.

We and deep dive into:

-Learning how to receive and act on messages from the Angels.

-Connecting to the intuitive self rather than the mind.

-How to call on the Angels for guidance and unconditional love.

-Understanding the power of matriarchy.

-How to create spiritually abundant life.

-How to create a spiritual abundance life.

Plus we chat about what the angels have been highlighting to me of late as a general message for all.

Something along the lines of ...'Don't be distracted".

So tune in to get the message.

Kelli also has the Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael with her which we talk about as well.

It was such a great chat. The angels are all around for this podcast.

Tune in and share with your loved ones or anyone who you feel could benefit from listening.

I will also be doing an exclusive guided meditation on the Full Moon EST on September 11th at 12 pm with Kellis Membership Group. So join up with her membership to be involved. I will be doing an energetic protection ritual on the Pisces Full Moon which will allow us all to open up psychically

If anything resonated with you during the Podcast and you would like to have a one-on-one session with me you can book online via the Soulscented website.

New Angel Courses are coming soon so be sure to subscribe to the Newsletter.

Happy listening & healing. 

Angels love xx

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