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I am a spiritual person, not a religious person. I believe in God, but not a religious God. I see God more as a loving guiding energy. I also believe in angels, the universe, mother earth and ascended masters.  I see them, hear them and feel they're loving guidance for myself and others. The spirit realm is full of different helpers that we can all reach out to. Who are the ascended masters you ask? Well, they are great healers, teachers and prophets who have lived on earth and are now in the spirit world. They come from all cultures, religions, and ancient and modern civilisations. They include saints, goddesses, gods, deities and great healers like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, The mother Mary, Isis and Saint Francis just to name a few. They are all together in the spirit world and available to all of us all of the time. 


Like angels, Ascended Masters can be called on for loving guidance. We don't need to worship them and we don't need to be within a particular religion. We can call on them like we would a great friend. The same way we do angels. Except these friends have super spiritual wisdom, love and guidance. 


For many years I have been working with Archangels and Ascended masters as part of my ‘spiritual team’. When I was in a really troubled time in my life I called out for help and like the angels, different ascended masters started showing up to help me with my own spiritual development. There is an abundance of spiritual helpers available to all of us and it fills me with joy and comfort to know just how amazing life really is and to know that there is so much loving guidance and support to tap into. Life is so much more than just life and death. It is a deeply enriching, empowering spiritual experience of co-creation with the divine. 

Would you like to develop your ability to communicate with the spirit realm? Throughout history musicians, artists, writers, and everyday people have accessed divine knowledge, wisdom and insight from the divine spirit realm for ideas, solutions, epiphanies, innovative design, creativity, guidance and much more.

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