Full Moon Eclipse.. Release from you life anything holding you back and down...


ITS A FULL MOON TONIGHT. ITS A LUNAR ECLIPSE.Energetically the energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse can impact our emotional wellbeing. You may have also found it difficult to sleep. A common complaint I have heard from many people yesterday. The moons energy combined with mercury retrograde has placed us in an emotional washing machine. Now we have been washed we are now in the rinse cycle where we can wash away all the emotional dirt that has come to the surface. Releasing everything that is holding you back and down under a full moon clears emotional and energetic blocks as we draw down on this energy for extra help. We still have to do the work but we get a big push from mother nature and the spirit realm. Whats great about this is we can come together right here to support each other. Can I make a suggestion? I like to purge anything in the world or my community that is no longer serving us all like war, abuse, conflict. I add this as one of my intentions.

It would be great if you could also do this. Collective purging is a powerful way to shift world energy. Believe me it really works.

I encourage you to like, share and spread the Full Moon Ritual with everyone you can as together we can purge from our lives what no longer serves us, our community, loved ones, friends and the Universe. This raises our individual and worldly vibration so we can bring into our world all that does serve us to co-create a divine life for yourself, your family, your community and the world we all live and love in. Peace on earth. Rxx


The Full Moon supports us to clear, cleanse and purge from our lives anything that is no longer serving us. Its time to release anything holding us back and down. Basically, anything in your life that's not working for you and fear based energy. This could be financial issues, addictions, toxic relationships, drama, worry, stress, negative behaviour patters.However, please note. Be careful what you ask for. If you ask for all your financial issues to be released you may also need to make changes so you don't fall into financial issues again. The universe will energetically send support and guidance for you to make the changes but its up to you when they show up to make them. By working with the full moon you invite the universe, angels, spirit guides whomever you connect with to step in and give you a big hand. So make sure whatever you ask for you are really ready to release and change. 

A full moon ritual must begin on or after the time that the full moon begins so you are in the full moon energy. The most potent time is the four hours after the full moon begins and the four days following. 

The Full Moon  Ritual is a six part process...

1. Create a sacred space....light candles, burn aromatherapy oils www.rachawhite.com.au/aromathearpy), sage, play music and get yourself in a really positive head space. Think about all the wonderful things in your life and spend a moment being grateful for what you do have. The more positive you and your environment are the easier your thought forms are carried to the divine. When you create a sacred space you raise your vibration and the vibration of your space which in turn elevates your intentions to the divine on a really high frequency.

2. Write out your intentions. List all your intentions you wish to release and purge from your life. Under a Full Moon we release anything that is no longer working for us. It is essential that you use the word "Intention' the word intention is a powerful word of creation. It is with intention that you create. So at the top of a piece of paper write..."My intention is …………………

You may just have one intention that you wish to focus all your energy on or you may have a few. Up to you.

3. Visualise your intentions. As you write each one, sit back and close your eyes and visualise the intention happening. Do this for each intention. Meditate on it. Basically creating what I like to call a 'mini mind movie' of everything you desire already manifest.

4. Release intentions to be realised. Burn or rip up the list of intentions. Safely, burn the list of intentions so you release them to your angels, God the Universe whomever you feel spiritually aligned with so they can be realised. We don't want to hold onto our intentions. You can make a copy so you can refer back to them. However releasing them frees them from us so they can be realised. Once released don't focus on how they will come to you as this is a form of worry. Instead, focus your energy on visualising your mini movies and resting in the knowing that everything is working for your highest good.


5. Time for action using your intuition.  Use your intuition to determine signs related to your purge. If what is no longer serving you is now shifted it is making way for what you desire. Tune in and notice the signs. Remember there are no coincidences everything is happening for a reason. Particularly because you asked for it .You placed a big order and your Spiritual guides will come back to you with the actions you need to take to make your intentions come to fruition. So pay attention. 

6. Have faith. Don't worry. Believe with heart and soul that you asked for it, so its will happen. People fall into the trap of worrying about their intentions and then disbelieving when things don't show up exactly how they thought they would or in the time frame they expect. This leads to discouragement and you reverses the effects of your intentions as you go into your fear.

Release from your life the old fear energy to allow for new positive intentions and manifestations to fill up your life with loving desires.

Rachael White is a Clairvoyant/ Healer based in Newtown, Sydney. She works with people across Australia and the World.  If you would like to book a Spiritual Coaching session, Spiritual Healing, House Clearing on Angel Reading please contact Rachael White on 0402848810 or email contact@rachaelwhite.com.au

Rachael has also developed the worlds first range of Archangel Aromatherapy. 100% Organic. This powerful high vibrational aromatherapy not only smells divine but raises your vibration and the vibration of your space allowing you to attract Archangels into your life. To find out more visit www.rachaelwhite.com.au/aromatherapy

appy Full Moon xxxx

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