Fragrance, spirituality and the full moon

The divine energy of consciousness and life force resonates through all things and it is experienced and expressed in many different ways by people across the globe. Some believe in God, Creator and some believe in mother earth, buddha, prophets and deities. Some believe in all of those things together! The connection to life force, chi, energy, kundalini of oneness is about tuning in and connecting with a higher source of consciousness. Spirituality is about love, energy and connection. Whilst spiritual practice and ritual vary significantly one thing that is similar across all spiritual practice since ancient times is the use of fragrance to connect in with the divine higher consciousness.

When I was in Bali a couple of years ago I was in awe of the commitment to ritual, and fragrance used in the preparation of offerings.  The balinese people are heart warming, generous kind souls. Bali was filled with fragrant offerings and in my conversations with the local balinese people they disclosed that a percentage of family earnings is set aside for the purchase and preparation of offerings. The weekly allocation was quite considerable for very poor families a testament to their commitment and dedication to ritual and spiritual practice. Everywhere I went came the waft of fragrance which I adored. The ritual of preparing offerings also gave them time to come together and their commitment was inspiriting.


The tradition of using fragrance in spiritual practice dates back to ancient times. The Greeks and Romans knew that a deity was present because they would smell the aroma first and this has been documented in ancient text. Aphrodite had fragrant hair and robes and a fragrant temple to call in the Gods. When the Dali Lama was a young man the Tibetans would light fires of burning Juniper bush as he walked pass in ceremonial procession and would also light Juniper in their homes for force the sky door open so the prayers could be heard in heaven. Muslims use rose water in mosques and the native americans used sage in sweat lodges for purification and spiritual connection.


In Jewish homes at the close of the Sabbath on Saturday night would use candles and fragrance to pray for blessings. The word ‘rosary’ comes from the Christian tradition that the priests would wear garlands of roses around the their necks. Ancient traditions use of fragrance is documented throughout history.  The transition of using fragrance is historical documented extensively because our ancestors knew that Aroma creates a high vibrational channel for which the divine can connect. Fragrance creates an energetic pathway almost like a superhighway of high vibrational frequency that operates at a faster rate so we basically clear the energetic way for them to tune in and for us to tune up. It alerts our spiritual guides that we are open and available and it transmutes prayers and intentions super fast tracked.

So when I do my new and full moon rituals I always use the archangel aromatherapy concentratesin the 5mls and diffuse them into the room. They create a wonderful vibration that not only fills the room but interacts with your aura, chakras and is inhaled deeply into your cellular body and brain. For years this ritual has been the advice to all of my clients as this will fast track your intentions and healing.  The energy of the earth plane is dense with the archangel aromatherapy oils we raise the vibration lifting us out of the dense energy. The vibration of each archangel is held within each formulation. So the archangels love vibration is an ingredient.


The channeling, blending and formulation of the archangel aromatherapy range is a divine offering. Just like a musicians that channel a piece of music. No one can ever play that piece of music quite like that musician can. Just like no one can ever make your grandmothers cheesecake exactly the same way that she did. Even if you follow her recipe step by step with exactly the same ingredients it never quite turns out they way she used to make it. That is because it is in the creation that the vibration of their love is withheld. The musicians and your granny are the vessels used by the divine to bring in that beautiful healing piece of music that will heal and make people happy when they listen to it. Your granny love is the missing ingredient because she was the vessel with the magic vibration instilled in the formulation. I have been the vessel used by the archangels to bring in the aromatherapy formulation that holds their vibration. It is my privilege and with a grateful heart that the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions are available as a vibrational medicine to heal and raise vibration and bring your angels closer to you for support and guidance.

So, when you diffuse Archangel Haniel you are sending her a signal to come and help you. The vibration resonates with her because it is her vibration. Not only does using the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions fast track our angelic connection it allows for deep emotional healing. It is a therapeutic vibrational medicine that can be used to emotionally heal rather than turning to drugs, alcohol or prescriptions. Its all natural, organic and high vibrational. 

The full moon in Gemini is intense. It takes us from one extreme to the other. But sometimes we need this in order to really see the truth and heal. 

The Full Moon allows us to energetically release all that no longer serves us. This can be emotional. Once we set the intention we then release the energy that has a hold on us we can really feel that declaration resonate deep within us. The moon is also on board to energetically draw it out. By diffusing the oil when writing out your intentions during the ritual you allow for fast tracking your intentions. 

Then, once you complete the ritual you should really apply the perfume oil to the body. The archangel aromatherapy oils are a prescriptions designed to transmute residual energy held within the energetic body, to clear subconscious patterns at the cellular level and to shift your vibration- permanently. Of course, then with the energy cleared you are vibrating at a higher frequency opening your soul to receive energy support from angels and spiritual guides.

There is a reason why I include the use of my archangel aromatherapy oils in my full moon ritual. Yes, of course I would wish for you to purchase them but it is because I created them along with the angels to loving support you.  

Let go of all that no longer serves you. Use the moon cycles as your way of checking in with your own healing journey. I will always be here with divine message of love. Fast track your spiritual connection using the vibrational medicine of the archangel aromatherapy.It was designed to serve you.

Let go, let love. let light!

The Full MoonRitual is a six part process...

1. Create a sacred space....light candles, diffuse your ARCHANGEL AROMATHERAPY, smudge using your White Sage and or Palo Santo, play music and get yourself in a really positive head space. Think about all the wonderful things in your life and spend a moment being grateful for what you do have. The more positive you and your environment are he easier your thought forms are carried to the divine. You raise your vibration and the vibration of your space which in turn elevates your intentions to the divine on a really high frequency.

2. Write out your intentions. List all your intentions you wish to release and purge from your life. Under a Full Moon we release anything that is no longer serves us. It is essential that you use the word "Intention' the word intention is a powerful word of creation. It is with intention that you create. So at the top of a piece of paper write.. Dear God, Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, Buddha, (whomever you call on spiritually)

…”My intention is to release with the greatest of intention and love…

You may just have one intention that you wish to focus all your energy on or you may have a few. Up to you. I place of couple of drops of my archangel aromatherapy oils to raise the intentions vibrations onto the sheet of paper and breathe it in.

3. Visualise your intentions. As you write each one, sit back and close your eyes and visualise what your life would be like with the released intention gone. It’s a very positive visualisation. What I like to call a 'mini mind movie' of everything you desire already manifest. 

4. Release intentions to be realised. Burn or submerse list in water rip up the list of intentions. you release them to your angels, God the Universe whomever you feel spiritually aligned with so they can be realised. We don't want to hold onto our intentions. You can make a copy so you can refer back to them. We release our intentions so that they can be realised. 

5. Time for action using your intuition.  Use your intuition to determine signs related to your purge. Tune in and notice the signs. Remember there are no coincidences everything is happening for a reason. Particularly because you asked for it. You placed a big order and your Spiritual guides will come back to you with the actions you need to take to make your intentions come to fruition. So pay attention. They are trying to reach you.

6. Be open to change: You may need to make some big life changes as you release what no longer serves you. Call on the archangels for guidance and support. They understand it can be confronting and challenging but its all part of releasing what is no longer serving you. A time for healing that we are all do together with the loving power of the full moon.

Release from your life the old fear energy to allow for new positive intentions and manifestations to fill up your life with loving desires. The more fear we release the more love we can manifest and draw toward us. Rxxx

Work with Rachael 

Rachael White is an Angel Intuitive Therapist, Spiritual Coach, Perfumer, Teacher & Healer, She is the founder Archangel Aromatherapy Perfume Prescriptions channelled by the Archangels. the worlds first range of Archangel Aromatherapy. This powerful high vibrational aromatherapy not only smells divine but raises your vibration and the vibration of your space allowing you to attract Archangels into your life. To explore the range of 15 unique angelic perfumes visit ARCHANGEL AROMATHERAPY

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