Fragrance for higher states of consciousness

Fragrance has been used since ancient times and universally with all spiritual traditions.

Did you know that essential oils are the life force of the plant, flower or resin? Essential oils are the highest vibrating substance in all of nature. Fact! Scientists have actually measured the frequency. So when you diffuse it in your room or use it on your body it has a powerful impact on your energetic body. 

For my archangel aromatherapy range, I use the purest, highest-grade organic essential oils in the WORLD. I do not compromise and I searched the world to make sure I used the best of the best.

Plus over two year period one by one each Archangel came to me and stayed with me giving me instructions on how to prepare each of their blends infused with their unique archangel angelic vibration. I am so grateful for the honour of being able to share these powerful healing tools with you.

These are no ordinary oils. The archangel aromatherapy range will take you to higher states of consciousness.

If you wish to forge a stronger connection with your angels and enhance the connection, you can purchase my range from my website at


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