Depression and Anxiety - Can Depression Really be Cured?

Do you have, or know someone that suffers from depression or anxiety attacks?  Sufferers often remain silent about the issue, fearing being labelled with a mental illness - however depression and anxiety are very common illnesses affecting hundreds of thousands of people everyday - it erodes away at the soul taking you away from your higher self and down into the shadows of your lower self.

I understand this all too well as my husband had depression and anxiety and almost took his own life!

One of the biggest hurdles for many sufferers of depression is the fear that they will never find a real cure and that they are destined for a life of mind-altering medications with side affects that include skin conditions, memory loss, nausea, and a sense of disconnect from reality. At best controlling the condition but never really healing!


My husband was so determined to heal that he did everything he possibly could. He went to an anxiety specialist, met with psychologists, changed his diet, took anti- depressive medication, and nothing worked!

Then he became so ill he was no longer able to work and we almost lost our home due to financial stress. Nothing he tried or was recommended, worked.

He got no better, however I was determined to beat this depression that was coming so close to destroying us! We had a family, children, a life. I wasn’t prepared to let it all slip away, I had to do everything possible.

I had always been a spiritual person but had pushed it aside up until this point. However by working with the Angels and my Spirit Guides I received divine guidance on how to help my husband.

In my book I detail our unconventional road to healing depression.

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