Day 3: Archangel Awareness & Guidance..Spiritual Understanding

Day 3 of Archangel Awareness & Guidance brings us a beautiful message from the Archangel Raziel: Spiritual Understanding: I am brining you esoteric information & symbols, & helping you understand spiritual truths.

Archangel Raziel is similar to a wise old Sage or Wizard. (Actually he reminds me of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings). He holds great spiritual wisdom and knowledge for all of us to access. He wants you all to know that he is bringing you all divine wisdom for spiritual expansion of your individual consciousness. He understands that you may be looking to expand your spiritual understanding to a new level. He can support you to open and expand your mind to a deeper understanding life. This expanded view of life is healing and deeply nurturing as you become increasingly sensitive spiritual soul. He is available to support your spiritual growth and expansion. If you wish to deepen your spiritual understanding why not ask Raziel to come to you in your dreams before you go to sleep at night.

When you invite Archangel Raziel to come into your dreams you will soul travel with him to many esoteric classrooms and learn divine knowledge while you sleep. You may not remember this soul travel when you awaken however this knowledge stays in your subconscious and guides you through your day and life. 

He is a wise old soul Archangel. Call on him for deeper spiritual understanding. Have a beautiful day xx

Thank you Archangel Raziel xx

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