Cultivate, radiate, illuminate & nourish your soul.....lets create magic!

You are made up of energy. Your energy is a powerful source of creation. Your state of being dominates the energy you manufacture. As a manufacturer of divine energy you fuel the soul with positive energy when you cultivate, radiate, illuminate and nourish the soul with this energy. But did you know that you can use this energy in the most amazing ways. I am not just talking about being positive attracts positive I am talking about using energy to create magic! This Saturday at 3pm at Dr Earth, Dr Earth Newtown I am launching the How to live a Spiritually Guided Life Workshop Series along with my husband Ben who is also a Clairvoyant. Our first workshop is called Intuition & Energy Management. It starts at 3pm -4.30pm & tickets are $65.00 +gst. If you are ready to learn some magic and bring some magic into your life then why not join us. Visit

Love to see you xx

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