Clear your Crystals leading up to a Full Moon

Tomorrow at 2.28pm AEST the last Full Moon will arrive for 2020.

I was reminded by my angels that in the next 24 hours as we progress into the Full Moon Energy we need to place our crystals under the moonlight for cleansing. 

As the Full Moon draws into its fullness it will draw to the surface all that no longer serves us.This is why we can experience heightened emotions and feel as if many things are coming up for healing the week leading into a full moon.

The 24 hours before the Full Moon is an excellent time to cleanse away all the low vibrational energy stored and held for you by your Crystals. 

So, I would suggest that you do the following: 


Firstly, place your Crystals near on or your window seal or outside so in order to ensure your crystals are under the moonlight. This allows the moon's energy to draw up and out all the negative energy stored in your crystals. (Goodness knows our poor crystals do a lot of healing for us)

Secondly, (if you have them) use your Archangel Aromatherapy Mists and gently mist over all of your Crystals to clear the energy and raise the vibration. I would use No.1 Clear & Protect by Archangel Michael as he will clear away all the fear based negativity energy contained within the crystal and transmute it to the Full Moon. If you don't have this particular mist you can use the body oils on your crystals or alternatively put your diffuser on in the room.

If you haven't made a habit of clearing and cleansing your crystals leading up to the Full Moon. Take advantage of the Angelic Public Service announcement and place your crystals outside or near the window now for healing and clearing. 

I will be going Live at 3pm on Wednesday for the last Full Moon of 2020. Join me on Instagram Live at @soulscentedapothecary. 

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