Brace yourself... Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: 15th April 2014

Brace yourself my friends. Tomorrow is a full moon and it will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra. Don't forget to put all your crystals outside tonight for a super recharge and to clear the energy. Also start to list out anything you wish to clear from your life that is not longer serving you. The full moon is all about releasing the old to bring in the new. That said, this powerful full moon Lunar Eclipse is in Libra which is all about relationships. The Lunar Eclipse is all about bringing about powerful change and being in Libra means that this change will occur in our relationships. If you are Libran like myself then we are in for a big shake up. However, even if your not the energy of this moon will affect relationships in some way. A Lunar Solar Eclipse is about significant change. Things that need to change will change under a full moon Lunar Eclipse. You can't miss this moon as it will be a "Blood Moon' with a bright orange/red. 

Remember to write out everything you wish to release from your life and release it into the universe by either burning or ripping it up at the time of the full moon. The 4 hours post the exact time are still potent and you can still leverage this energy for up to 4 days after the exact time of the full moon Lunar Eclipse. The energy lessens the further away from the exact time. So what is your exact time well The Sydney Observatory state that....

Sydney: The Moon rises at 5.28pm; maximum eclipse is at 5.46pm; total eclipse ends at 6.25pm; the eclipse ends at 7.33pm. exact time of the full moon Lunar Eclipse is 5.48pm Sydney time to find out the exact time in your State visit the Sydney Observatory website at

If you want more information please read this fantastic post by mystic mamma. Stay tuned you can also visit my website at 

Sweet dreams


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