Archangel Aromatherapy-Are you ready for a higher state of consciousness?

Are you ready to shift into a higher state of consciousness?

Over a two year period. One by one each Archangel came to me and whispered into my ear the unique aroma and vibration for each archangel. I captured each archangels unique vibration and aroma and bottled it. I was lovingly guided every step of the way.

I am deeply grateful that I am able to bring to you the worlds first 100% organic Archangel Aromatherapy range.

This is not your ordinary perfume.

Why is it so unique? 

Each archangels vibration is captured vibrationally along with their unique aroma. So, just by wearing on your body, diffusing in a room or misting around your space and body you invite the angels to come in close to you. It aligns your energy with the angelic realm.

Very powerful!

The archangel aromatherapy range is so powerful. Not only does it smell divine, it moves deep into the cellular structure of the body to clear away energy and shift you into a higher state of consciousness.

You will be operating at such a high frequency your energy will be aligned with the angelic realm and you will be on top of the world.

There are 15 archangels and each archangel has a unique aroma. 

The archangels also help you with a particular life area. For example: No.4 Archangel Jophiel is Positivity. She will help you keep your mind and the space around you positive. She makes everything beautiful. or maybe No.5 Archangel Chamuel: Soulmates: he helps your find your soulmates and in fact he is called the finding angel. He helps you find whatever you are looking for. New job, friends, house, new pets, whatever it is that you seek Archangel Chamuel is your finding angel.

By applying the perfume oil to your body, diffusing the oil in your space or misting your body you call on the angel to come to you to help you with this particular area of need or desire.

The archangel aromatherapy range comes in the following sizes:

5ml- Concentrates- Room Diffuser/Bath: This is highly concentrated and not to be used directly on skin but in your oil burner or diffuser and bath. It fills your room and bath with super powerful archangel aroma. Archangels are able to come in nice and close and your space will be operating at a really high vibrational frequency.

30ml- Perfume Oil: This is originally how perfume was designed by the Egyptians. Most perfume today is 95% synthetic alcohol which is not good for your body at all. The archangel perfume oil is 100% organic most potent natural, organic essential oils and base of the pures olive oil in the world. This can be applied all over the body. As often as you like. This perfume oil is so powerful, you will be floating around with you angels.

50ml- Perfume Mist: This wonderful light mist can be used around the body, aura and space to instantly elevate the your frequency and bring the angels in close. This divine mist will immediately align your energy with the angelic realm.

200ml- This size is for massage, yoga teachers and healers or for those wanting a family size version of the 30ml for use with the entire family.



Visit my online Archangel Aromatherapy store to view each of the Archangels, what they do and how they can help you. You can select the products in the drop down menu for each archangel

If you are ready to work closely with your archangels and reach a higher state of consciousness then this is the perfume for you.

Much love, Rxx

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