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Angel Healing Course Enrolment Open

3 Week



Intensive Angel Healing Course

conducted by

Rachael White- Angel Healing Therapist + Coach.

The Angel Healing Course is an online healing with the angels to clear and release the karmic blocks (recurring negative patterns and situations) in your life to open new pathways for your deeply desired life.


✓ 3 weeks for 2 hours a week.

✓ 2 hour Weekly Live Sessions via Zoom

✓Each session includes a healing session with the angels.


If you are looking to fast-track you’re healing and remove karmic blocks quickly, this intensive 3-week healing with the Archangels is the perfect solution.


✓ Guided Energy Healing Sessions with Archangels.
✓ Energy Clearing your home to  raising the vibration to bring in prosperity and healing.

✓ New Spiritual Protection Rituals.

✓ Psychic Development + Intuition Ritual to enhance intuition for receiving angelic messages.

✓ Identify and clear Karmic blocks to manifestation.

✓ Past Life Therapy Healing session with Rachael.

✓ If you are time poor this course is intensive over a short period of time.

✓ Archangel Aromatherapy Perfume Kit Included [BONUS]

Valued at over £1000


£288 usually £388 

Understanding Past Life Therapy

During our 2-hour Weekly Zoom Sessions, you will;


  • Learn new every been taught before angelic Spiritual Protection Rituals.
  •  Deep angelic energy clearing of your energetic body.
  • Together with the angels, I will do an angel Energy Clearing of your home to raise the vibration and bring forth prosperity and healing. 
  • Experience guided healing with the angels as they clear your energy to activate your psychic senses and intuition so you can be more in tune with messages from the angels.
  •  Experience the clearing of karmic blocks using angelic Past Life Regression Therapy.  This will support you in manifesting your visions and desires.

  The Angel Healing Course is focused on clearing Karmic Blocks that are contributing to holding you back on realising your desires. Past Life Therapy, which involves the viewing of past lives, is a spiritual healing therapy taught to me by the Archangels for releasing the energy of the past that may be re-igniting emotional issues and negative subconscious patterns of behaviour in the present.

Let me explain.

As the soul progresses from one lifetime to the next, it brings characteristics and attributes that have a great impact on the current life that we are often unaware of. These can be activated in the cellular memory by an event or experience in the present moment. Healing in the present moment can involve resolving the unfinished business of the past that continues to influence the present.

You have the opportunity in this life for further growth and healing by venturing momentarily into your past lives to release and heal whatever you have brought into this life.

The angels taught me how to conduct Past Life Therapy and I have used it in my practice for many years. This is such a transformational therapy as returning to a past life can heal long-term unexplained fears, phobias, chronic conditions, physical ailments, and patterned experiences.

It can also help you understand and heal relationships by helping you to recognise, break, and heal negative relationship patterns. Untreated residual mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy from past-life events can significantly impact our present life relationships, careers, personal characteristics, and living space. So, during the Angel Healing Course, not only will you learn new spiritual self-protection and healing rituals that you can use daily, but I will also be conducting guided angelic energy healing sessions during our Weekly Zoom sessions so you can experience powerful healing with the angels from the comfort of your home.

The Angel Healing Course is a deeply healing experience with the angels. Watch Rachael give an overview of the course.

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