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I am so grateful today. Ben & myself have been working on the workshops. Our angels, spirit guides and some really powerful Ascended Masters have been filling my mind and my pen with an abundance of messages and teachings to share with everyone. It is really wonderful. This morning they sent me this wonderful message to share with all of you. 

Have you heard about our upcoming workshop series? We have launched a workshop series called "How to live a Spiritually Guided Life". We will be conducting five workshops throughout the year. Each one covers different areas. Each one flows into the next as we build on the learnings. We will be teaching you everything how to better use and understand your Intuition and Energy to how to activate your Psychic and Spiritual tools, to channel and utilise mediumship for use in your everyday life. We will also teach you how to go back to your Past Lives and how to clear ghosts and spirit entities from yourself and your space. As you can see we build on the workshops starting off with basic understanding of spiritual tools to more advanced tools. These courses are also great for spiritual healers who specialise in spiritual services as you will be able to support many clients with the tools we teach. Everything we will teach you has been taught to use by angels, spirit guides and spiritual Ascended Masters. If you are interested please feel free to visit our website andwww.rachaelwhite.com.au/workshops you can purchase tickets to each individual workshop or you can purchase a package of buy 5 get one workshop for free. If you need further information or you would like to book in for a reading, healing or space clearing please call Rachael on 0402848810 I am so excited the response to our workshops has been really great. I am so looking forward to meeting you and sharing all these divine teachings. Have an abundant day xx

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