2014 New Moon Manifestation Ritual


See the video link on YouTube click on the link New Moon Manifestation Ritual 2014- Rachael White Clairvoyant 2014 starts off with a real bang. From an energy and manifestation point of view it really doesn't get any better than this as the 1st January 2014 and 30th of January 2014 are both New Moons and Supermoons. This additional energy from the sun and moon being so close to the earth make it a really powerful time for manifestation. Starting off a new year with your goals, desires and intentions that you wish to manifest creates a road map for the divine to send things your way.

Manifestation is an ancient technique for creating all that you desire and brining it into your life. This process occurs in partnership with the divine. This can be with whomever you feel comfortable with spiritually. God, Angels, Mother Earth, or the Universe. Manifestation is about co-creation with the divine. Which means it's not about making wishes and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best you do have an active role in the process. Over the years I have developed my own manifestation ritual based on historical research and the guidance of my angels and guides.

Step 1. Create a sacred space: Clear away the clutter, burn sage to clear the energy, light candles, play soft music, and burn essential oils (preferably my beautiful Archangel oilswww.rachaelwhite.com.au/shop).By doing these things you are raising the vibration of your space so that your thought forms and manifestations can be delivered to the divine at a much higher and faster vibrational rate. When you burn essential oils in particular my oils the essential oils interact with the aura and the space. This allows you to positively raise your vibration and the vibration of the space. This in turn creates the perfect vibration for high vibrational beings such as angels and ascended masters to come close to you. Have a clear space and being really positive creates the perfect foundation for manifestation and inviting positive energy into your life and home.

Step 2. Positivity: When we manifest we come from a place of positivity rather than negativity. That said we don't plead and beg the angels, Universe or God to send us our intentions. We simply believe and know that because we are so powerful and the divine is so powerful that everything you desire will be manifest. It is an essential component of manifestation to remain positive and knowing that all your manifestations will happen. You must not have a shadow of doubt. You need to have an unwavering focus and determination that all of your manifestations will come true no matter what. Don't hold any expectations on how they will come to you just remain focused on the fact that they will happen and be realised.

Step 3. Create a list of intention: Take out a pen and paper either on your own with friend, husband, family and write down all of your goals, desires and intentions. The angels told me its important to write it out as you get very clear about your intentions. Begin by writing ‘ My intention is’ then listing all your intentions underneath. For example:

My intention is

- in 2014 I wish to find the job of my dreams in publishing......

- to meet my soulmate who loves me for who I am and we build a loving life together .

the more specific the better. Using the word intention ensures that you are very clear that this is what you are choosing. If you use the word ‘want’ it just leaves you wanting your manifestations whereas intention states that it is so.

4. Visualise: For each intention that you write down on your list you need to create a mini mind movie or day dream to represent it. So sit back relax and visualise your intended manifestation happening. Maybe see yourself with your soulmate loving you and spending time together or see yourself really loving your new job and the place where you work. These little visualisation are really powerful as they support the written intention so the divine is really clear about your desires. Visualising and focusing your energy on your manifestations in meditation or just as you go about your day is a really positive way to stay focused on your intentions. If you feel yourself worrying or disbelieving revisit your mini movies.

5. Dispose of your list: You can either burn or rip up your list whichever you prefer. This releases the list into the Universe so that it can be realised. You don't want to hold on to all your manifestations you want them to be realised. So by releasing them they can be realised. As you burn them or rip them up get really excited that they have left you and are now on their way to being manifested. Yippee!

6. Look for the signs & take action: The manifestation process is not just about wishful thinking. It requires you to be actively engaged in the process. Your job is to watch for the signs and take action. The Universe, Angels, God or whomever you feel spiritually connected too will give you signs in the physical world. Maybe the words to a song come on just at the right time with guidance. Or maybe your in the right place at the right time. Or maybe a job opportunity comes up and you need to cease the moment and call. The synchronistic nature of life events occur to provide you with a guiding light to realise your manifestations. The signs are affirming and reassure you that you are moving in the right direction and what actions you need to take. Don't write off the signs. Don't brush them off. It is divine guidance. Follow your intuition. Notice the signs and take action. Remember there are no coincidences as everything happens for a reason.

6. Believe, believe, believe: You must believe beyond a shadow of doubt that you will manifest all that you intentions. Hold strong, focus with unwavering knowing that all your manifestation will happen. Don't be weighed down by trying to focus on how you think your manifestations will come to you as this is a form of worry. Instead talk, act, think like they have already happened. Believe you deserve a life that is able to be co-created with the divine and you are in the drivers seat of life and the divine is the energy that powers things along.

2014 is the year you shine your bright light and realise all your dreams. Happy New Year Manifesting. If you would like to book a reading to find out what you have installed for 2014 call Claudia on 0425 897 601

Namaste xx

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